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Re: It feels like everyone is leaving me (Part 2)

I am sorry to hear that you are feeling angry and having urges to hurt yourself @Lost_Space_Explorer5. It is really good to hear that you are acknowledging that these feelings will pass and that you will feel differently soon. You are showing to us all how strong you are Heart I am still concerned for you as you mentioned that you are having urges to hurt yourself, are you feeling safe right now? What activities can you do tonight to help yourself feel better and help distract yourself?

Re: It feels like everyone is leaving me (Part 2)

@Sophia-RO I'm safe, thanks for checking in Smiley Happy I'm still watching TV heh whilst returning to the forum every so often to see if *cough* this person who might be leaving has returned. And by every so often I mean compulsively checking and worrying the worst has happened to them.

I need to stop trying to make sure everyone is safe

I think I'll log off for the night


Re: It feels like everyone is leaving me (Part 2)

Thanks for letting me know that you are safe @Lost_Space_Explorer5 , I am glad to hear that.  What have you been watching on TV? I recently rewatched the witcher on Netflix, I definitely recommend that if you haven't watched it yet ! I am sorry that you are feeling worried, I imagine that it must be difficult dealing with the uncertainty of not knowing. I hope that watching the TV is helping you feel a bit better . We are always here for you for support if you need it Heart

Re: Everyone really is leaving me...

Hey @lost_Space_Explorer5,

Just letting you know that I’m another person that’s here for you if ever you want to chat.
I understand how you might be feeling especially when you’ve been talking with people on here regularly and I’m sorry about your psych and KHL counselors leaving too.

If you can, try and focus on yourself and what you need right now. Others on here often have a lot going on themselves. I know myself, I left for almost a year but have returned now that I’ve sorted out some work and Uni that was getting in the way. That might be the same for others too.
If you can, try not to take it personally. I can hear and read you got on well and that’s great - try and hold on to the times when you guys helped each other through tough times and laughed etc.

Reading your posts, I’m sure there will be many more people eager to talk with you. You are very kind and supportive and have helpful tools to share.

Try and be kind to yourself and where possible, try not to worry about things out of your control (easier said than done, I know).

Hope you have a good night 😊

Re: It feels like everyone is leaving me (Part 2)

@lost_SpaceExplorer5 yeah... it's really annoying, but my gp can't really do much about it. I have basically been diagnosed with "Simple Syncope", where I just pass out at random for a bunch of reasons. I have 5 triggers, so uh.. It could have been any reason, really. Smiley Indifferent
But I do have ways to get around this problem, its just annoying, most of the time. Smiley Happy

Are you feeling any better this morning? Heart

I'll be reading on some other threads as well as yours throughout the day, but I probably won't respond until after school. Smiley Happy

Heart Pain makes you Stronger, Tears make you Braver, and Heartbreaks make you Wiser. So thank the past for a better future. Heart

Re: It feels like everyone is leaving me (Part 2)

Is Witcher on Stan @Sophia-RO?

Hey @Alison5, thanks for your kind words ❤, worrying about things out of our control is such a common thing, but it's so unhelpful..

@xXLexi_Lou122Xx That sucks, I guess as long as it's manageable and not super dangerous that's a plus..? What if you fainted while driving in the future or something though? Could that happen?

I'm feeling okay, a little bit unsettled, but I'm not sure why

Re: It feels like everyone is leaving me (Part 2)

 @xXLexi_Lou122Xx that sounds like an intense thing to be going through, thanks for teaching us about it. I'm glad you've got ways of getting around it, but it does sound frustrating.


@Lost_Space_Explorer5  sorry you're feeling unsettled today, what are you getting up to today? Is there something that might make you feel grounded?


Also I have heard the Witcher is really good, but also that it is quite scary? I am a major scaredy-cat Cat Surprised

Re: It feels like everyone is leaving me (Part 2)

ooh I'm not good with scary things either hehe nvm @Hannah-RO

I got really triggered by something today- someone was talking in great detail about depression and ED stuff in a lot of detail and I couldn't escape cause this was irl and in a group and I'm feeling quite unsettled from it. It's just made life seem really really bleak

Re: It feels like everyone is leaving me (Part 2)

Awww no, I am sorry to hear you had that experience @Lost_Space_Explorer5 Smiley Sad I hate when things throw you off like that. Was this a formal group setting or like a group of friends? I am only asking as I am wondering if the group has any support or protocol for when things like that happen? I hope that you have been able to wind down and take care of yourself tonight Heart

Re: It feels like everyone is leaving me (Part 2)

it was a formal(ish) social group run by a mental health place.. I talked to the leaders afterwards and they checked in. I'm still a bit shaken but feeling a bit better @Taylor-RO