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Heyo :(

Hi my friends. Well i hope we are friends at least on here Smiley Happy so um for about a month I have been off the forum I have a bit of things still going on at the moment so I probably won't be on that much. And I'm sorry I just want to say a big thank you for Jess  for  checking in on me. 


So this past month has been a roller coaster ride. And let's just say I'm not a big fan of roller coasters, in short I gave been overly stressed about alot of things. And I'm just wondering if anyone might have some tips to deal with the stress and Hardships. It's hard to explain whats going on and latly I have been slpr safer then I normally am and it just feels like somewhere in side somethings just not quite right, so if anyone has some suggestions I'm open. And guys I'm sorry I haven't and probably won't be on that much. I'm trying to be tho. Take care beautifuls  x

Re: Heyo :(

@Maryhadalittlelamb  if i am looking for stress relief I normally do something relaxing like art or listen to music but generally just setting aside time each day for "down time" or to do something for you can be good longer term to relieve stress buildup. 

Re: Heyo :(

Hey @Maryhadalittlelamb 


Thanks for updating us on what has been happening for you. Like you, I am also not a fan of roller-coasters. Going through so many emotions can be really exhausting. It's great that you're thinking of ways you can deal with stress and hardship Heart 


I think how people deal with stress really depends on who you are. Some people take a lot from exercise and letting off steam using physical activity. I personally benefit from doing nothing, listening to music and spending time in nature. Can you think of any activities that help you feel content/relaxed? Heart 

Re: Heyo :(

Hi @Maryhadalittlelamb! I hope we are friends too! Smiley Happy

I'm so sorry this month has been so stressful for you. Smiley Sad
I know that different things work for different people, but sometimes it helps me to think about why exactly I am stressed and apply strategies to fit the source of the stress. For example, when I am feeling burnt out, I try to do some self-care or get some support from others, whereas if I'm worried about something, I try to write down my worries and sometimes evaluate them. If I'm in pain, I like to distract myself or do some mindfulness. Do you think these ideas would work for you?

Re: Heyo :(

Hi @Maryhadalittlelamb,


Sending thoughts your way this week Heart 


I’m just going to link a few threads that may be able to help with some coping strategies. This thread is has a toolbox of great coping threads, would highly recommend having a look Here


There is also the thread 10000001 coping strategies and distractions Here 


We are thinking of you and will be here if you need to chat Heart This community has your back Smiley Happy 


Check out our community activities calendar here

Re: Heyo :(

Hi @Maryhadalittlelamb

I thought I'd check in with you and maybe get an update if you're able to share. I'm so sorry you were going through a tough time. Rollercoasters of emotions are always exhausting and I understand it must be more difficult for you to be out on these forums helping others. I can see that you're a builder and I want to thank you for being one and providing lots of support to others in the forum. I just want to remind you, that you are also able to get lots of support for yourself on the forums too. I hope that some of us who have replied have helped you in some way. Heart


Sometimes, it is in the tough moments that we need more support, but feel not as motivated to get it. I totally get it! I can say I've struggled with getting help for myself, especially if I thought that many others relied on me to stay strong. Self-care is important and I just wanted to ask, what kind of things do you do to relax and calm yourself down from heightened emotions? For me, I often listen to music, go for a walk alone, talk to my family or boyfriend, do some crafty things (even if I'm not so good at it! hahaha). Maybe you could try some new things for self-care if you feel the ones you have tried aren't working yet? 


Thinking of you and sending love your way Heart We're here for you! Hope you are doing much better.

Re: Heyo :(

Hi I’m back once again... before I can start I want to apologise for two things


1) this depressing thread: I wrote it when I wasn’t in the best of headspaces and I just want to say thank you for all your support. 


2) sorry I kinda went mia for a bit, I dropped of the face of the planet and I isolated myself shutting all forms of support including the forum I’m sorry. And I’m not sure how often I will be on but I will try and reconnect when ever I can. 


so now I can begin.. I’m so greatefull for everyone’s support and help.. 


@Eden1717: Thank you for sharing what you do for stress relief, so now I’m going to try and set some down time for myself taking in some of the inspiration you gave me. Thank you.


@Bre-RO: I am actually quite glad it’s not just me who doesn’t like roller coasters Smiley Happy I like to read, write, and listen to music too. They help me relax so I think I can try and mix them in in my down time. Thank you for your suggestions and help.


@WheresMySquishy : I’m glad we are friends ☺️ And it made me happy knowing I’ve got friends on the forum. I too only sometimes like to figure my causes of stress, this is when I’m not running from it. Smiley Happy so I’ll try and face this stress more often and if I’m feeling overwhelmed, I can turn to my writing it’s really helped me a lot lately if I’m being honest. And yeah I do think these ideals were supper helpful and could work. Thank you.


@Jess1-RO thank you for the links and checking up on me and alway having my back and supporting me with the help of the forum. Thank you.


@ayrc_1904 thank you for understanding, it’s hard trying to support and hold other people together and I often neglect myself in the process. I’m glad you understand. To calm myself down I write a lot just stories I base them of my life but I don’t let anyone read them I made that mistake before and I scared AS of so I don’t wish to share them. I sometimes do crafts as well even though I’m really bad at them too.... and this new year I’m going to try and get into self care and fall in love with the girl in the mirror again.


thank you for everyone who responded and I’m so sorry it’s taken this long to reply and the responses are short but.. thank you all for your support and having my back. You’d are all beautiful people.x

Re: Heyo :(



Thanks for updating us! It really is a pleasure to read that you found all of the support from our users helpful Heart.


It is absolutely fine to take a break from the forums when you need. We are always here for your return, and always happy to have your back Smiley Happy

Re: Heyo :(

Hio @Maddy-RO 


Thank you I’m glad I can seek support in this community and take breaks when life gets a little overwhelming, knowing someone out there’s got my back has made a few things easier and it gives me the ability to see my problems through others eyes. I hope you have an awesome night. X

Re: Heyo :(

No need to apologise @Maryhadalittlelamb. We all need support sometimes and taking a break from the forums can be a good idea when things get too triggering or overwhelming.
I'm glad that writing has helped you. Smiley Happy I find that the act of writing down my feelings makes me feel better too. Like you, I also used to write stories with ideas from my own life. I found it quite cathartic and therapeutic. Smiley Happy