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I have no friends and I feel like everyone hates me



I just started year 8 after last year failing at life. I totaly stuffed everything up with my friends and now the head of their group is in all of my classes and the dirty looks I get are killing me. I'll just make some coment in class and she'll give me a wtf piss off look and I just feel scared to say anything or draw atention to myself in anyway. I was never a equal in their group and I got really pissed cause they statrted analiseing everything I do and say as some sort of secret marker that told them what was wrong with me. The girl who I was mostly friends with started being friends with me again just before school finshed after long text conversations and asking to be forgiven on voice mail but I blowed that again in the holidays and I dont even know why. i was talking about her being scared to date and to live a little and all of a suden shes talking about sex and Im like what? She hasnt texted me since and its killing me not to text her. I've made this little apoligy speech in my head but I'm to scared that I'll be vunrable. I've got like say hi friends but not hang out at lunch sit next to each other friends and school is killing me. i faked sick today cause I could face school but I dont know what I'll do tomorrow. I've been thinking about running away and stuff or changing schools but I really like the school part of my school and I've been there since i was 3. I dont know what to do and i dont want my parents to know cause they'd freak.

Re: I have no friends and I feel like everyone hates me

Hi @George101, thank you for posting! It sounds like you're having some friendship problems and it's really causing you a lot of hurt, stress, and confusion!  School can be full of ups and downs for heaps of people, and it can be really helpful to know where you can go for support.  What support do you have?  (There is also Kid's Help Line if you feel the need, or your school counsellor)


It is really normal for friends to go through rough patches, and often just talking it out can be really useful.  How would you go about doing this?  Here are some tips for communicating, specifcally the stuff about having difficult conversations.  What would make your situation better?

Re: I have no friends and I feel like everyone hates me

Friendships grow and change a lot during high school @George101. Those "say Hi' friends can easily turn into "eating lunch together" friends, so maybe you could try sitting with them tomorrow and see what happens? It sounds like everyone could benefit from just sitting down together and having a good chat to air out any grieves or clear up misunderstandings. Communication is key to good friendship, and can help eliminate all the stress over wondering what others are thinking.


Do you have a school counsellor you can talk to? It's a really valuable life skill to start learning how to cope with stressful situations, and your counsellor can help with that. So can the team at Kids Helpline, if you don't have a school counsellor.