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Night Time

I don't know if this is just me but along with nights generally being more difficult MH wise than days, does anyone find it hard to deal with the quiet?  It honestly creeps me out sometimes and I hear every creak which makes me a bit on edge.  What the fuck do you do?  I try to distract myself but I'm still very aware of it.

Re: Night Time

@FootyFan26 I can definitely relate to this.
I keep busy during the day and don't have time to think, then at night when everything stops I'm stuck with my thoughts. The quiet can be difficult.
Can you put music on to dampen the silence.
It's good you distract yourself, that's how I manage, or if things are hard I come on RO. Or if necessary call a helpline because I find talking helps.

Is there anything in particular you think about when the day ends.
Trying to make my misery
just a piece of my history
A little less victim a little more victory
-Icon for Hire

Re: Night Time

Yes night time is poo! @FootyFan26

There is a reason for this Smiley Happy Apparently night would have been a much more dangerous time for our ancestors than today, we have evolved to more efficiently process threat-related information at night, to keep ourselves safe - sometimes our body has no clue of this though. From what I understand a lot of us tend to be more hyper vigilant at night.


Hmm strategies.. Keep your breaths deep, calm and regulated. Also a dim lamp and some tv shows tends to help me. Keen to hear what the others think Heart

Re: Night Time

Generally things start to get more negative at night @redgead, there's nothing very particular at night, just what's been worrying me recently is what I'm likely to think about.

I do have music and try to distract myself but I'm still so aware of what's around me and the sounds in the house. I have no clue what to do Smiley Surprised.

Re: Night Time

@Bree-RO interesting info, thanks! Smiley Wink

I'm also watching the tennis so trying to focus on that as well. I think some of the stuff I've been worried about recently has also contributed to it being harder recently though. And also the fact that my cat jumps onto my door which scares the shit out of me and then sits on my alarm setting it for a random time within the next hour, I love them but does he have to sit there?

Re: Night Time

Smiley Very Happy The cat bit made me laugh out loud in the office! Gold.  Hope he stops scaring you @FootyFan26 The tennis is a really good strategy well done. If you want to keep talking to the community about what's been on your mind that's contributing go for it, I will tag some of them.


I am logging off but really hope you get some rest. 


@redhead @honky @j95

Re: Night Time

Agreed @FootyFan26, night time is probably the worst. I think also the dark allows our minds to run free with thoughts/feelings/emotions. 


I’ve actually recently brought proper headphones to help with this issue. It really does help to aid in eliminating external noise and allow me to focus on the music. 


You stated earlier that you’ve been worrying/feeling low, would you like to talk about this? Hear to listen Heart 

Re: Night Time

@FootyFan26 I actually saw a psychologist about my primal fear of the dark when I was younger, so I completely understand that feeling of being on edge and negativity it can arouse!


It's really good that you have so many different forms of distraction, but sometimes because we aren't getting enough rest being so vigilante at night, it causes our mind to be tired. I've found that when I'm exhausted, more often than not, my mind goes straight to the negative things and overthinks so do you think that may be a factor?

We are always here if you need to talk about issues affecting you Smiley Happy


In terms of making yourself comfortable at night, I used to use apps which had the sound of waves and things like that? So it's familiar noises which make the night not so uncomfortable. Would you want to try that?

Re: Night Time

Thanks @honky, I get worried about not hearing things so I tend to not use something that’s not gonna let me hear the things around me.

I do use white noise to help get to sleep but usually if night is like that then I’ll stay up doing stuff for as long as I can before I get really tired.

The main thing worrying me is something I can’t really do much about so I feel like that helps make it harder. My stepdad is getting out of jail soon and I just don’t really know what to do.

Re: Night Time

I can really relate to what you're saying @FootyFan26, similarly to @sweet_baking I have had a fear of the dark. I have times where I focus in on noises at night too, sometimes until I fall asleep! I find that exercising or reading before bed helps me fall asleep quicker and easier.

Sorry to hear that you've been very worried recently. That's a big thing. Do you have things you can do to help you feel a bit better? Like watching a tv show or talking to someone about your worries? Here for you Heart