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What have i done?

i have always been scared to right a forum/ blog. Scared what might happen and embaressed.
See the thing is, i don't even know how to say it or were to start?

There's so much that i have done wrong. i don't even know why i have done it. Why i even did it.

It's not me and i know it. i've started doing drugs and started smoking. getting in all the bad habbits. Making the choices i know i shouldnt and then i did the worse thing that i could have done. Sent naked photos of myself to my ex. i did this when we were daiting. when i could trust him. Me not knowing that he had cheated on me and sent the photos out. Then the one person i trusted i sent them to her saying look what you think "BLAH BLAH BLAH" .... How dumb can i get? Like i don't know what made me do it......... Now its all over school. People calling names. I'm more scared of my mum knowing then anything, What will she think of me? What i'm thinking of myself? Will she hate me? I'm scared she is going to push me away. i didnt want this to happen. i wasnt thinki

I'm thinking about moving to my dads running away. But what will that help. feel like i have to start new. like nothing every happend but it did?
I don't knwo what to do


Re: What have i done?

Hi Britany,

It seems you are going through a really tough time, and I'm really sorry to hear that.

Firstly I want to reassure you that you're perfectly safe here - everything is anonymous so feel free to be as open as you feel comfortable with.


Try not to be too hard on yourself - the thing is, everyone makes mistakes and dwelling on those mistakes only makes you feel worse. Don't blame yourself for what your ex and former friend did - it's not at all your fault that you put your trust in people you were close to, that's only natural.


Try not to turn to drugs or alchohol because to help 'escape' your problems as, unfortunately, it will only add to your problems. I'd really encourage you to confide in your mum, or even an older friend or someone you know you can trust.

If you don't quite feel like you're there yet but you need to talk to someone you can call Kids Help Line - it's a free service with qualified counsellors - and just like here at ReachOut it's all anonymous. You can call Kids Helpline on 1800 55 1800 or have a look at their website: to find out a bit more about them.


ReachOut is here 24/7 - you can always find an ear willing to listen here, or just spend some time on the forums.
There's also a lot of really useful info on the site here. Here are a couple of reads you might find interesting:
Ian's story:

Some tips for moving on:


Remember there is always light at the end of the tunnel - it's hard to see sometimes, but you will get there. Just coming here is a massive step in the right direction. You may not see it at the moment - but the fact you can recognise that things aren't going so well, and that running away isn't going to solve anything - that shows you're incredibly bright and capable of working through it all.


Take care, hope you come back soon and let us know how you're going.



Re: What have i done?


Re: What have i done?

Hi  @Britany 


I'm sorry to hear you are in a tough headspace- thought I'd just check-in and see how things were travelling for you. Have you managed to contain the photo situation? Maybe get a trusted adult involved, if you don't want your Mum getting involved? I don't know if running away would help- I think getting some structured help may give you the relief and guidance you are looking for. We can certainly help you navigate that and what might be some good steps for you to take. Let us know if this appeals to at all, but no pressure.



Re: What have i done?

Hi @Britany  !


I just want you to know that you will be okay. Thank you for posting and being brave. Whatever it is you are going through you will get past it. This is also a judgment-free place that you can feel supported in. Hope to see you more on the forums friend Smiley Happy


With your situation, I suggest talking to your dad first, or even talking to teachers about these problems. I know its scary, but talking to an adult can really help.