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Work troubles

Ugh. Okay. So, first time doing this


For the past two weeks I've been doing about 38 hours of work a week before uni starts, and 32 of those are in a warehouse that supplies the products (I work in a bookshop) to the store where I do my other 6 hour shift on Sundays. So basically that involves waking up at 5:00am 4 days every week (including yesterday, today and tomorrow) and doing manual labour in a warehouse (which, my the way, is making my back hurt like a bitch - only two more days to go though)


The thing is that I'm really starting to get pissed off at the upper management at where I work. We have new CEOs that took over the company since October and honestly they are SO shit. They've been asking us to do so much extra work, putting so much more stress on the managers that then converts to us, and we get given barely above minimum wage and generally crap shifts in return (I only get 6 hours a week at this place, the warehouse work is a one-off). It's getting so crazy because they've become so focussed on profit and expansion that when one of the other stores complained, they literally told all staff not to bother because they were totally expendable. Now I'm going to start looking for another job, but today I just witnessed the CEOs make about 3 warehouse staff members redundant over EMAIL when they were about 50m away tucked away in their precious office and it really shook me up that people can be that shit at management and that insensitive.


Anyone else have experience working in an absolute shitheap that can give me some wisdom right now?


P.S. I'm so so so sorry for missing the GR session yesterday. Honestly, I've been gong to bed at 7:30 just to try and give myself enough strength to get through the day. Mentally I'm absolutely A-Okay, just a tad annoyed that my once awesome work life has turned into a pile of crap

Re: Work troubles

HI @basketofmonkeys I can totally sympathise with what you are going through. I've had a couple crappy work places myself. & in my experience, I'm finding a lot of managers and CEOs don't seem to care about the majority of their staff, to them most are replaceable, but this doesn't justify them being insensitive and having a poor management style.

As to some wisdom, try and remember why you wanted to work there in the first place, does this still exist, can you work that into your daily work there? If not, if the business has changed that much, maybe it is worth moving on. Ultimately the decision is entirely yours, but maybe taking a bit of an outside look and thinking about where you are and where you want to go might help Smiley Happy

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Re: Work troubles

@basketofmonkeys don't stress about missing the GR, sleep and self-care are very important! The chats are not going anywhere too, so we look forward to hanging out with you again when things are better suited Smiley Happy


I am sorry that the management is so terrible. It almost sounds like the business is under administration, i.e it wasn't viable and new bosses were appointed to try and salvage... those kinds of bosses are generally some of the meanest and toughest Smiley Sad.


Unfortunately i think you might have found the answer you're looking for in moving on. However if you do need to push back, then joining a union and getting some advice or having a read about your rights at the fair work ombudsman site might help.


What're you thinking at the moment? Do you want to leave, push back against management, or tough it out for a while?


Got any good stretches for that back of yours?

Re: Work troubles

Hey @Bee, thanks so much for your reply. I liked working there before the new management style kicked in, but I definitely now think it's time to move on. I'm moving houses soon so I suppose I'll hold off actively job searching for a while, but it still stresses me out when I see how horrid it's getting :/

@Ben-RO I think the business may be under administration, and they're making a lot of choices that are making a lot of people feeling really underappreciated and stressed. I'm definitely planning on moving on ASAP as I've identified that it's not going to help me to hang around and I'm trying to focus on eliminating the things from my life that make me unnecessarily stressed. My back's feeling a lot better, and I have my last day at the warehouse tomorrow, so yay!

Re: Work troubles

Ugh @basketofmonkeys your workplace really does not sound ideal. I think moving on might be the way to go, but if you're holding off on actively job searching until you move houses, perhaps we could identify some self-care stuff that might help you out in the mean time?


Also, I'm really glad that your back's feeling better!

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Re: Work troubles

Self care and searching for a new job are definitely key here, @basketofmonkeys, its one of those situations you cant really solve because its kinda the CEOs being terrible. 


Personally I would also spread the word about poor employment conditions. I know I, and  a lot of other people, don't like shopping in places where employees are mistreated. It can also warn against people working there and experiencing the same thing as you, which i'm going to assume may happen because they want to expand? 



Re: Work troubles

Good ideas @ivory and @letitgo, i'm usually quite good with managing stress and anxiety but doing it non-stop for 2 weeks really took it out of me. But, on the bright side, I'm starting uni and will be working less now, so i don't have to hold it out much longer - silver lining!

Re: Work troubles

@basketofmonkeys it sounds like you've made your decision and sound content with it. I'm also very glad you found a silver lining! That makes me smile Smiley Happy

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart