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Worried about my mum 😥

Hey guys.. I know I shouldn’t be making a new thread but this isn’t about me, it’s my mum 😢


The past week she’s been so so down in the dumps.. I thought I would give her space as she seemed really sad but also giving her lots of hugs and trying to do stuff for her like buying her food and stuff but she’s so sad and I don’t like seeing her like this. She’s been laying in bed nearly all day everyday for 3 days and she isn’t talking. I just made her lunch but she got a phone call and went outside and now she’s crying. Idk what to do. She’s on the strongest medication and she’s seeing a professional and she is getting so much worse 😣 


I can’t keep seeing her like this. Does anyone know if there’s something I can do to try make her feel a bit better? 


Re: Worried about my mum 😥

@Bananatime04  That sounds so tough. I'm so sorry you're going through this. Smiley Sad It's really hard to watch a loved one go through a hard time. I think you sound so compassionate and caring to want to be there for her and try to cheer her up.
Do you know if there is anything that triggered your mum's sadness?

Do you think it would be worthwhile to have a chat with your mum? There are a few apps, such as Chats for Life  and The Check In which can help you plan a conversation with someone you're worried about. We also have an article with some suggestions about what to say to someone going through a hard time.

I hope you can take care of yourself during this time too. Seeing someone you care about like that can take a toll on you. Heart
Are you able to tell any other family members or supports about how your mum is feeling? It's hard to deal with something like this on your own. Heart

Re: Worried about my mum 😥

Hi @Bananatime04 , 


I've just been catching up on this post. Can I just say - you really do sound like such a beautiful, empathetic and caring daughter, and it's truly beautiful to see. 


It must be a really scary, helpless feeling seeing your mum so distressed. I know you guys have some really big life changes coming up too, an interstate move must be really daunting for your mum. 


Sometimes, just having the people who we love close to us can help - a hug, a cup of tea, and a chat are all things that come to my mind as things that I know that I (speaking as a mum myself now!! ) would love. Even things like leaving her a little note saying that you love her can truly be priceless. 


It sounds like you're being really caring and considerate of her already. It's great that she is also seeing a professional too. 


I hope that she's a bit better today, and that you are feeling okay as well .I know how hard it can be seeing our loved ones in pain like that, are you coping OK? 


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Re: Worried about my mum 😥

@Bananatime04 I just want to say that I’m here, and I also want to suggest something.
I’m not sure if you’ll take this the wrong way or not, but here goes.

Maybe what’s happening with your mum, and how you’re feeling, is how your mum feels when she sees you? I’m just seeing this from the motherly side of me, seeing as I take care of multiple kids occasionally.

I’m sorry if this hurts you or anything, I’m just suggesting my opinion...

Re: Worried about my mum 😥

Helllo @Bananatime04  ! Cat Happy


Im not familiar with what's been going on with your side and the extent of the story. But I just wanted to let you know that you should firstly be proud of yourself for looking out for those around you and pushing yourself to cheer them up. With that said please make sure that amidst all this you don't forget to look after yourself too. I realise it's hard seeing those you love struggling and you want to do everything and anything to get them back up but don't forget to check up on yourself and give yourself time to rest and be happy too.


With your mom im not sure as to what you should do as I haven't been in experiences quiet like it, but don't give up and the fact that your showing her you care and that you're looking after her already is so much.


Maybe you could try to talk to your relatives and other family ? Sorry if my recommendations don't line up with some things you might have said in your previous posts.


Hope you and your mom gets through this <3 



Re: Worried about my mum 😥

Hey @Bananatime04 


You are so precious! I got to this post a bit late but I wanted to check in with you and ask how both you and your mum are. Have things gotten any better? You are such a caring and sweet loving daughter. I'm proud of you for looking after her even when you are feeling stressed and upset.


I can relate to feeling a little helpless when trying to help loved ones. It's hard to watch them struggle so much. Personally, it's my sister for me. I've learnt to understand that there are times they do need your help and you can keep doing the things you're already doing such as being a listening ear, making sure she's eating and drinking enough, or just sitting next to her and giving her a cuddle. Sometimes though, they are better off with just having some space to themselves. Also, it's sometimes hard for people when they're so down to look very appreciative of the little things you do to help them feel better. So, don't be discouraged by the lack of improvement or energy or gratefulness that is shown to you! I'm sure in her heart, she's proud of who you are as a caring daughter and is very thankful to you. 


Hope you're having a good day today! Heart


Re: Worried about my mum 😥

Thank you all so much for your kind words Heart I decided to give her time to herself while still doing nice things for her so she wasn’t alone but wasn’t sick of me at the same time if ya know what I mean.. I also spoke to my step dad about how mum’s been feeling lately and it was pretty good. He said mum was really sad about leaving me and pop when they had to move. But my stepdad missed the phone call to say he got the job.. two times. So they have someone else the job. Mums a bit happier now because they aren’t moving but still stressed because they both quit their jobs for this so they are unemployed. We have a few Airbnb’s though so at least we have some money.

Reading what you all had to say really warmed my heart and I’m so thankful for that Heart I’m sorry it took me so long to reply. I have to admit, I forgot. But I didn’t forget what you said and that really helped me Smiley Happy I actually thought I replied to this thread but I think I was just thinking of what I would say.. sorry!

Re: Worried about my mum 😥

I hope your mum is feeling better @Bananatime04. Heart I think you made some really good choices about how to support her.

I really hope your family's situation improves. Unemployment can be pretty stressful. Smiley Sad


Re: Worried about my mum 😥

Thank you @WheresMySquishy Heart
She is a lot better than she was and she’s receiving counseling as well.. it’s really weird! Her counseling service is one that comes to our house! I didn’t even know that was possible..

Mum found a job that she’s applied for so fingers crossed 🤞

Re: Worried about my mum 😥

@Bananatime04  I think that's so cool! I've heard of some teams who go to houses, but most don't. We're trying to get my sister a psychologist who can come to our house, so she can have more sessions than the one she has every 1-2 weeks with the hospital when she's an outpatient.
I'm glad your mum is doing better. Smiley Happy I hope the job works out!