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i keep failing

honestly, I just want to restart my entire life, I've messed it up so far, I've just been broken up with, I'm scared ill never find love. I'm so unorganized and I'm failing in school, i don't have any proper friends, at least I have my family (mum dad and brother)

Re: i keep failing

Love can be so tough sometimes. Whenever I am broken up with, or rejected, I always try to think to myself "This experience gets me one step closer to finding the partner of my dreams". This always helps me get through it. If they rejected you or broke up with you, then it is obvious that they aren't right for you. And lucky you then, because it means that you can then have an opportunity to find someone who is much better suited to you!

Re: i keep failing

Hi @lpdkojnkbhsc , thanks so much for sharing those thoughts with us here. It takes  a lot of courage to do that, and shows so much strength from you. 


Feeling like you've messed up your life sounds really horrible, I can really empathise with what you've said, as I've definitely had times in my life where I have felt the same way. 


Having relationships end, and having problems at school, can be really tough. I don't know if you've had a chance to check out the rest of the ReachOut site much, but we have heaps of resources on ways to help manage school stress and study, and how to get stuff done. I've linked to one of my favourites here . 


A lot of our community here have been through tough times where they've felt like their life is messed up, and have come through the other side - sometimes, talking to someone like a school counsellor, or psychologist, or calling Kids Helpline can be really helpful, in finding different ways to cope with stress, and help you work through those tough emotions. 


I think that @libertybowl 's advice is also really beautiful, and so true Heart Heart . Having your heart broken is always awful, and it's important to be gentle to yourself. 


Do you think talking to someone like that would be helpful for you? 


Check out our community activities calendar here

Re: i keep failing

that's actually a really good way to look at it, maybe I should change my outlook on it to a more positive one. thank you

Re: i keep failing

Hey @lpdkojnkbhsc  Smiley Happy





Life can be hard, and some people find it more difficult than others, but you have to remember that life will go on, and you will move onto the next stages. Its ok to feel tired, sad, upset, lonely, and lost since everyone needs time to process whatever it is that might be going on.

BUT, pick yourself back up because it is never too late to fix things. It can be hard I wont lie because as much as someone might want change, the process to get it can be daunting and scary. Take things one step at a time.


A few things I recommend that has helped me that you can think about:

1. If you are in high school, and you feel like you're failing, know that its not the end of the world. Trust me, I didn't do well in my HSC and still managed to get into MQ Uni, and currently on track to apply for honors (I use to procrastinate heavy and just confused in general, but I still made it).

2. Its hard to make friends and get back up when you've lost relationships and gone through breakups. What helped me was realizing that I couldnt rely on other people for all my happiness. I started working on myself, my confidence, my health, and my outlook on life. Do things that you love, and exercise positive thinking and working out. Learn to love yourself and improve yourself.

3. Messing up is okay. We all make mistakes and the more that you make them, the more you will learn. Its never too late to get back up, and you will improve and feel better once you start taking small steps. Consistency is key


I hope you are okay, and know that there will always be people here you can talk to. Im proud of you for reaching out and taking the first step. I believe you and you should too.


Good luck Cat Surprised