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scared and stressed about the future..

I feel at this moment I am constantly fearing for the future. Will I be successful in life? I just cant seem to get out of my head and its starting to scare me..
Absolutely any advice on how to turn this around would be amazing.

Re: scared and stressed about the future..

Hey aariel welcome to Reach Out believe me I've been where you have..the future that's kinda a huge topic.

Well let me tell you something about the future and I'm not expert don't get me wrong but...It kinda happens.

I was scared of going into yr 12 believe it or not people kept telling me how scary it was and other's had plans and things to do after school I had..nuthin.

So believe me I was completely freaking the heck out but in the end it's been a year and i'm half way between yr 12.

It's because after all this freaking out I kinda learnt something the future is the future it comes because it can no longer be the present time.

By the time it comes we have well and truly freaked out worried made plans broken down plans, ate a cookie doubted that eating that cookie was the best idea...but my point is like yr 12 when it happens it happens for a reason.

By than ...your kinda ready for it so take a breath and take one step at a time because over that mountain that your starring up as the foreboding future behind a great big basket of oppurtunity.
Dreamer signing off take care cool katz.

Re: scared and stressed about the future..

Hey @aariel 


Welcome to the forums. The future is indeed a scary thing sometimes. I get that feeling creeping thorugh every now and again. Whether you're successful in life or you're not depends on your perception on what you see as success. Different people go at different paces to different places! Not everyone has the same definition for success. We all have a different life plan - there's not just one way to live your life!


Have you taken a look at how to set goals? It would allow you to set some goals; making small ones and building up to large ones. 



Stay excellent

Re: scared and stressed about the future..

Hi @aariel , I know how you feel, so much!! The thought sometimes hits me at the least appropriate of times, and then I spend the next five minutes wondering whether I will ever become a functioning member of society.

I've found that rethinking the meaning of success is helpful for me. I try not to worry too much if I don't achieve a goal the first time around - I can always try again, or try a different method. ReachOut has a page on failing which has some really great information about what to do if you don't quite make it the first time.

Hope it helps!!


Re: scared and stressed about the future..

@aariel I can relate to you a lot here. 


When I started year 12 I started having these kinda thoughts and even more so after graduating. Where will I be in 5 years? Will I be successful in an awesome career that I enjoy? What if I don't make it?


I still have these kinda thoughts from time to time, but as @Myvo mentioned, a great deal of it comes down to how you perceive success. There is no set way to live your life - the freedom is yours to decide what you do with it. If you don't end up where you expect yourself to, there are always other paths and there's nothing wrong with that! 


I know plenty of people who were totally set on certain directions in life and ended up in completely different places and careers, and they're happy with how things played out. 


If you're really passionate about achieving something, goal setting is a great place to start. If you haven't already, feel free to check out the link and let us know how you go Smiley Happy


Re: scared and stressed about the future..

Thank you for all your replies! Im feeling a lot better today. The feeling mostly creeps up on me at times where I am able to sit alone and think. 

After having a look at my goals in life and my current position on reaching those goals I just dont know where to start. 


My idea of success is to love the work and career I end up in and currently I am studying a bachelor of creative arts. What I dream of more than anything is to work on social media.. and I guess because it is such a new form of employment I have no idea where to start. From volunteering and internships, I literally have no clue how to get my first step in motion.

I think thats what is so scary to me, how do I start when the field is still kinda new ground?


Re: scared and stressed about the future..




Aariel, from my experience, this stress means that you have a huge desire to do well, and this stress, although it may feel negative, may actually be part of a force bringing you toward the positive change you want. --> hopefully though you will find a balance you are more content with!




Be optimistic and get out there! If you want a career in that industry get on your computer and start MAKING ways to get it (you dont have to find a way that worked for other people- create it)


For example- I just finished second year psychology, and wanted experience in a psyc firm. So I emailed them offering to do volunteer work (even mow their lawns) - 2 months later, they are paying me as a receptionist, and already hinted that I can do placements etc here.


No one told me to email them randomly out of google maps. But i did it and it worked. I want to encourage you to take some chances and try some new things!