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strange things make me sad

strange things make me sad.

how the curtains cling to the screen door in a gust of wind, like they’re straining to be free from the flimsy grid.

when sometimes the feeling of hot water rushing over my head is cleansing, and sometimes suffocating.

when a colour  scheme is so bright it seems dark.

when the cheese is colder that the toast.

when grass turns yellow and bitter and pretends to be knives out for bare feet.

when the boiled water in my tea tastes chemical for no reason at all.

when i wake up and remember falling asleep, and feel like there were only five minutes between.

déjà vu.

being in a friendship group of three where we swear to be equals, but im always the one pushed off the footpath when we walk in a row.

when the KFC $2 chips deal ends overnight.

when i have to drive and reverse about ten times trying to get into a park.

when the nail place stabs me and i smile in thanks.

when i catch myself deep breathing the fumes at a petrol station and can’t quite tell why.

the way my neck gets tired of holding up my head.

how my ‘liked’ list on spotify is 3000 songs long bc i can’t commit to a single mood for long enough to make a playlist of it.

when i ignore my friends for weeks because for some reason replying seems monolithic.

new calendars (is time a promise or a sentence?)

when blu tack goes stiff.

forgetting to remember.

waking up without having dreamt and wondering what the point of sleeping was at all.

strange things make me sad.

Re: strange things make me sad

Hey @discontinued_kate 

Thank you for this post, it was quite powerful to read. A lot of things really stuck out to me as relatable like the monolithic effort of replying and pain at the nail salon. Do you find it comforting to write about your experiences in this way? 

We've got a writers thread here that might want to check out too Smiley Happy

Re: strange things make me sad

@discontinued_kateI don't think these things are strange to find sad at all! Reading through this, a lot of it sounds relatable. Some things I find sad, but it a funny way (when the KFC $2 chips deal ends overnight)- humour is a great way of coping as is writing!- I definitely encourage you to check out the writers thread as Hannah-RO recommended-I hope you did mean to throw humour in there, and I'm not just reading too much into it haha!

But yeah I definitely relate to you on a lot of these things- being mindful of things like curtains and blu tack can seem sad but pretty at the same time for me. Parking is so frustrating! It's always weird when time passes quickly when you're asleep sometimes. Replying to friends definitely can take it out of you.

I wonder what you meant by is time a promise or a sentence? I'm curious Smiley Happy

Did you want to talk about any of these things? Also we're happy to hear more of your powerful writing!

Re: strange things make me sad

@discontinued_kate so beautifully written and I can relate to so much of that

Re: strange things make me sad

Hi @discontinued_kate, I think whether those things that makes you sad are strange depends on your situation. For example, if you are running out of money this month and you really like the chips, it is totally normal that you feel sad when the KFC 2 dollars deal ends. Different people can be triggered by different things, as long as those negative feelings are not influencing your daily life it would be fine.

Re: strange things make me sad

Hi @discontinued_kate 


This was such an interesting read, and I can see where you're coming from with these descriptions. I don't think they are strange but more that you yourself are very aware and observant of your surroundings and your emotions which isn't a bad thing.


I also just wanted to check in on you friend and ask how you were doing?

Re: strange things make me sad

@discontinued_kate I don't know if you intended this but this is so poetic, you are a beautiful writer and it really spoke to me. Forgetting to remember, replying to friends seeming monolithic, friendships in 3s, I feel like these are things (among others that you wrote) that many people can relate to. Are you sad right now? Are you okay?