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Re: I doubt myself

@N1ghtW1ng you WILL get another job eventually! I know all too well how horrible it feels to think you will never get another job....I've been in that situation so many times and it sucks! Try to hang in there Smiley Happy
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Re: I doubt myself

Hey @N1ghtW1ng How did your psych appointment go? 


Dont get discouraged with job applications - I always just trawl SEEK and stuff in my spare time and get applications out regularly. I also find odd jobs and things to do over the internet to earn money, like editing or giving advice. There's a site called airtasker that I think is good?


Also for future psych appointments i find making a list helps me overcome the empty brain thing ^^ 

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Re: I doubt myself

@ivory it went well I think. I have some things to be looking at. I'm going to make myself a schedule of things that I do. To give myself a clearer idea of my free time, things where I can fit in some studying (because I can never plan for regular, weekly study-times) and relax-times.
Airtasker might be a bit much for my anxiety, but the online tasks I could try for sure Smiley Happy

@SmileMonkey my self care was ju jitsu Smiley Tongue I've actually got JORA open in another window so I'll have a look at that. My psych gave me some suggestions with jobs too. Things like bookstores (which has been a hellish task, I might just have to drive around and hand in my resume to bookstores Smiley Tongue) but also going to some places like uni and primary schools and putting myself forward as a tutor. (my psych also suggested going to places like Autism QLD and The Asperger Centre to put myself forward as someone willing to tutor kids on the spectrum (as someone a little on the spectrum myself, I can understand how they feel) because she mentioned how she suggests that parents looking for them go to these places and ask if they have any tutors (which is the same for primary schools and possibly my uni)

@May_ I have my fingers crossed Smiley Happy
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Re: I doubt myself

@N1ghtW1ng glad your psych was able to give you some more suggestions! Job hunting can be so hard hey? Ju jitsu is an awesome form of self-care when things are stressful Smiley Happy

Ray, when you're on the Titanic, you load the lifeboats. You don't stop to yell at the iceberg.
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Re: I doubt myself

I wish I wasn't working this weekend so I could catch up on uni for the whole day, but I'm make do with what I can Smiley Happy
Thanks @lokifish, if I can get a job that is just weekends, it'll free up my wednesday evenings (after pracs). I just have to keep trying. Maybe I won't do every thursday night at ju jitsu Smiley Tongue

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