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Weekly Wellbeing: Meditation

This week I wanted to get a discussion going about something that a lot of people find difficult. Meditation is a pretty broad term that covers many activities that focus on relaxation - some people say it’s like exercise for the brain because over time it can rewire neural pathways.


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There is much research that reveals the long list of benefits of practising consistent meditation, to mention a few: 


  • Improved mood and focus 
  • Better sleeps 
  • Increased self-compassion 
  • Reduced anxiety 

One of the most popular types of meditation that you may have heard of is - mindfulness. Mindfulness is all about engaging your senses in order to ground yourself in the present moment. If you haven’t heard about mindfulness read on here to learn more about it. 


While meditating for the first time may seem daunting or hard there are some easy ways to get started - you may already be doing some activities that you can easily turn into a mindfulness practise. 


Some suggestions from me are: 

  • Mindful cooking: When I’m cooking I feel very “in the moment” and find that my brain is quite and calm. Chopping vegetables, smelling ingredients, combining flavours and finally eating the meal - all these activities stimulate your senses and focus which keeps you in the present. It’s also a very self-nurturing task to make yourself a yummy and nutritious meal. 
  • Mindful tea drinking: It’s nice to sit somewhere comfy with a cup of tea and take a few deep breaths. Feel the heat from the cup between your hands, the steam rising from the tea, the subtle flavours as it passes over your tongue and the sensation of the warm liquid sliding down your throat.  
  • Mindful showers: Showers are a good time to be mindful, you might even do it without realising. Y’know when you’re just standing there staring at the tiles and you’re not really thinking of anything? That is a perfect example of mindfulness. You’re simply feeling the sensation of the hot water on your skin. You aren’t flooded with thoughts or emotions but are more connected your physical senses. 
  • There's also a great article here called "5 ways to be mindful without meditating".

If you want to check it out we have a bunch of guided mindfulness meditations: 


"WTF is mindfulness?"


"My WiFi is a Piece of Crap meditation" 


"My flatmate ate my leftover pizza meditation" 


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1. What daily task/activity do you think you can make "mindful"? 


2. If you tried meditation, how did it make you feel? 




Re: Weekly Wellbeing: Meditation

Nice! Meditation seems so simple yet so hard to practice!

What daily task/activity do you think you can make "mindful"? 
For me I think I can make brushing my teeth mindful and connect with my physical sensations, like the smell of the toothpaste and feel of the bristles of my toothbrush. It's great feeling to have a clean, food-free mouth before sleeping!


If you tried meditation, how did it make you feel? 
I haven't done meditation since high school when I did yoga, but I remember it feeling quite relaxing and calm, especially when paired with soothing ambiance in a quiet room. I also remember feeling quite drowsy after doing so. These days I haven't had much of a chance to meditate, but I think I will try setting aside some time before bed to meditate and relax.


Re: Weekly Wellbeing: Meditation

Oooh, thank you for the reminder @Bre-RO I'd been intending to do a meditation on the Smiling Mind app and had forgotten until I saw this post Smiley Happy



1. What daily task/activity do you think you can make "mindful"? 

I'm trying to make driving more mindful, by noticing and even verbalising if I have to, landmarks or features that I pass, such as a park or a particular shop, to keep myself more aware of my surroundings as I drive.


2. If you tried meditation, how did it make you feel? 

I've tried it a few times, with varying results. The last time - a few days ago - it left me feeling calm and proud of myself because I'd carved out the time to do something that I knew can be good for me Smiley Happy 

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Re: Weekly Wellbeing: Meditation

@letitgo  Oh mindful driving is a great one! You're also having to focus on driving so it keeps you in the moment and focused. I also having varying results when I do meditation - I think that's very normal. Part of the process is getting better at it, like any other form of exercise. Also the smiling mind app is good, headspace is also great.  


Re: Weekly Wellbeing: Meditation

@drpenguin You're so right - how I learnt to get around finding meditation hard was not to panic if my mind wandered. Instead just notice it without judgement and then gently my attention back to my breathing or a sensation in my body. The more you do that, the bigger the gaps between getting distracted and refocusing get Smiley Happy 


Teeth brushing is a good one I haven't tried - I will give it a go!