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Books! and all things writing!

Hey everyone! 


I used to be a big reader and writer (mostly poetry) but lost my love for it a couple of years ago Smiley Sad but I really want to get back into both of those things!


So I was thinking we could make a thread about all things books and writing ideas to help inspire others who want to read or give writing their own stories, songs, poetry, or anything a go!

Re: Books! and all things writing!

Love to hear what everyone's book recommendations are

Re: Books! and all things writing!

Awesome thread idea!


I recently bough Sally Rooney's Normal People and I never read a book faster. It seems so cliched but it really isn't. the characters are so relatable and their internal dialogues are just fascinating.


10/10 recc

Re: Books! and all things writing!

How It Feels to Float is such a good book! It's written by an Australian female and deals with difficult mental health topics really well. Personally, I really identified with the protagonist, and felt the author did a really good job at creating connection to the characters Smiley Happy 

Re: Books! and all things writing!

Thanks for starting the thread, @sunnygirl606!


One of the most important things that I feel like has shaped my own writing is Anne Lamott's book Bird by Bird


It's such a funny book that's easy to read, but has a lot of useful advice not just for writing, but for life in general Smiley Happy


Re: Books! and all things writing!

@wanderingwasp I just finished watching the tv show normal people!!!! so amazing did not know it was a book omg I'm so excited to read it now!


Also the series I'm reading right now is a teen fantasy fiction (anyone else also obsessed with those kind of books and also trashy romance or just me hehe) and it's called vampire academy. I love books like this because I do so much heavy reading at uni so I love to just have a chill read also the main love interest is like the best thing in the whole world.

Re: Books! and all things writing!

Hey!! I used to love reading but stopped for some reasons, though im getting back at it and it’s such a great moment when you finish reading a book! i recently bought the book called we were liars by e lockhart, i loved the book and couldn’t put it down until i finished reading it! i thought the story was interesting and it has a plot twist at the end which i did not see it coming 

Re: Books! and all things writing!

omg i remember watching vampire academy the movie as a kid haha this was years ago and i actually rlly liked the movie altho i was so young


i agree i love reading/watching "trash" stuff because so much of my life is high on productivity and inTelLecTual reads haha

Re: Books! and all things writing!

One of the best books I've read in 2020 is Boy Swallows Universe by Trent Dalton. It is a bit intense and deals with some heavy themes so I wouldn't recommend if you were looking for something light-hearted or and easy read. It is also a little bit difficult to get into. BUT the reason I would like to recommend it, particularly on this thread, is because I think it is not only an interesting story but an incredibly well written and uniquely written book that might be inspiring for people who also like to write!


On the other hand, a book I would recommend if you want something easy to read to get back into reading is Little Fires Everywhere. I finished it in a weekend I was absolutely glued. It is an intriguing story and easy to follow with lots of interesting characters.

Re: Books! and all things writing!

@sunnygirl606 fabulous idea!


As I'm more of a non-fic reader, I love reading biographies, but I'm looking to expand my fiction palette, so I can't wait to see what everyone posts!