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Create your own playlist!!

Hey all... a number of my family and friends and I have collaborative Spotify playlists with each other which is super fun. So it got me thinking... why don’t we share our own handmade Spotify playlists in a dedicated thread, but then I thought, that might be a bit iffy with privacy and stuff..., SO.... why not just posting your awesome playlists below? 

In the comments list a bunch of songs the same way you would for a playlist! And then if people want to put it together on their own Spotify/Apple Music they can. And for fun, give it a name! 
The playlist can be 5 songs or 50 songs, entirely up to you, you can also add to it at any time. You can post YouTube links if you want but might be quite tiresome if you have a heap of songs...

We have a monthly household playlist, each month I put together a bunch of our favourite songs for that month and we just play it whenever. 


Looking forward to seeing what you come up with...



Re: Create your own playlist!!

@Saltwaterdreamtime Love this idea!

This playlist I would say gives me the vibes of moving on and being at peace with the eternal movement of life.


And so we go on:

Always Forever - Cults

Running Red Lights -  The Avalanches

Two Weeks - Grizzly Bear

Mud - RAT!hammock

Love It Or Leave It - Asaf Avidan

Bad Things - Cults

Cherry Flavoured - The Neighbourhood

Ya No Te Hago Falta - Sen Senra






Re: Create your own playlist!!

I love this idea @Saltwaterdreamtime  and @indieinsanus i love your songs! Especially Two Weeks!


Here are mine; 

Maniac - Conan Gray

Pressure - Trevor Douglas

Confidence - Ocean Alley

Hello My Old Heart - The Oh Hellos

Too much - Tora

Train - Carter James

Cold Blooded - Paige

Little Moon - MacKenzie Bourg

Re: Create your own playlist!!

Here’s mine..... 



😂 This is our house playlist, so clearly lots of variety in there. Please don’t ask about Mr Butt, I thought I deleted it ages ago.... 















also that random blues brothers song at the end that’s the 6am dance party song  hahahaha 




Re: Create your own playlist!!

Here’s the list with the kids songs taken out hahaha

State Lines
Novo Amor

Yesterday’s Clothes
Carla Geneve

Red Rocks
Carla Geneve

What Could Have Been
Jordan Mackampa

Here We Are
Jack the Fox

Resolution - triple j Like A Version

Roll Up Your Sleeves - triple j Like A Version

Multi-Love - triple j Like A Version
The Temper Trap


Blue Mood Rising

Hey Ya - solo version
Obadiah Parker

Screw Loose
Lime Cordiale

Walk You Home
Ziggy Alberts, Horrorshow

The Less I Know The Better
Tame Impala

Gang of Youths

Pumped Up Kicks
Foster The People

Matt Corby

Australia Street
Sticky Fingers

Let Me Down Easy
Gang of Youths

Cosby Sweater
Hilltop Hoods

Midnight City

Clair de Lune
Flight Facilities, Christine Hoberg

Hilltop Hoods, Montaigne, Tom Thum

Shake It Out
Florence + The Machine

Thrift Shop (feat. Wanz)
Macklemore, Ryan Lewis, Wanz

Matt Corby

Is This How You Feel?
The Preatures

Bon Iver

Jack Johnson

Stand By Me - Acoustic
Matt Johnson

Girls Like You - Stripped
The Naked And Famous

I Should Live in Salt - Live From Spotify, London - The National Cover

Green Eyes

The Nosebleed Section
Hilltop Hoods

I Love It
Hilltop Hoods, Sia

Papercuts (feat. Vera Blue)
Illy, Vera Blue

Run to the River
Dylan Joel

The Recipe

Loose Ends (feat. G Flip)
Illy, G Flip

Parmas In June

Parmas In June

Bliss n Eso

The Children Came Back
Briggs, Gurrumul, Dewayne Everettsmith


Believe (triple j Like A Version) - Cover Version


Come Let Go
Xavier Rudd

Song of the Mountains
John Ocean

Faith's Hymn
Beautiful Chorus

Re: Create your own playlist!!

Screen Shot 2020-10-20 at 5.18.01 pm.png

This is my baby boomers playlist, full of oldies! This is the perfect playlist to start your morning or clean the house. So many feel good happy tunes. 

Re: Create your own playlist!!

Hi @Saltwaterdreamtime  this is such a great idea! I also make monthly playlists with my partner, which always has some interesting songs in it because we have such different taste in music haha. 


My favourite songs this month are: 

1. Numb - Elderbrook

2. How did I get here - ODEZA 

3. Low - Chet Faker 

4. Play It By Ear - OFFAIAH

5. Wake Up - Petit Biscuit 



Re: Create your own playlist!!

Oooo @Saltwaterdreamtime this is a great list, love these songs!

Re: Create your own playlist!!

I love this thread as I'm always looking for new songs to add to my playlists!


A few of my favourite songs at the moment are:

  • This is Us - Jimmie Allen and Noah Cyrus
  • Maybe Don't (ft. JP Saxe) - Maisie Peters 
  • Commander in Chief - Demi Lovato (such a powerful song!)
  • Cowboy in LA - LANY
  • C'MON (ft. Travis Barker) - Amy Shark (might be cheating a bit because this song just came out today, but I have been listening to it non-stop Smiley Tongue)

Re: Create your own playlist!!


At work I have been noting down songs that I really like when they come up and thought I would share I have got myself a nice little playlist there