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Re: Gemstones - anyone got any?

@Ben-RO yeah I managed to sort of work out what it says. And then I went onto like an identification chart to check. I think you're mostly right.
Don't give them away they are really cool haha
//You can stay afraid, or slit the throat of fear and be brave//

Re: Gemstones - anyone got any?

There's an interesting story to my gemstones @j95.


So approx. 4 weeks ago I set off on a long plane trip over to Europe to visit my family here in Denmark.


Anyways so my mum and I are waiting at Melbourne airport and we come by this shop with gemstones.


Being a young teenager and flying to Europe by yourself isn't exactly what you want to do. So I picked out these gemstones 


and held onto them tight the whole 24 hours, and I made it to Denmark happy and with a positive mindset the whole way.



So I can truly vouch that these work! Smiley Very Happy