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Horror movies!

Anyone a fan of horror movies on RO?
Old or new, scary or funny, come together
What are your favorites and discuss?
I loved VHS. I just love short film compilations and this was a great one.
Cabin in the Woods had the best twist ever.
But Sinister really scared the hell out of me Smiley Tongue

Re: Horror movies!

I know everyone thinks this film is a bit blergh, but paranormal activity scared me to death! The grudge was a scary one for me too... As soon as you add some sort of supernatural theme, I'm gone.

Re: Horror movies!

Has anyone seen Pet Sematary? I remember watching it when I was home sick from school, sure made me forget about not being well!

Re: Horror movies!

I love horror/slasher movies.

My faves would have to be 

-Friday 13th (original)

- nightmare on elm street (old and new)

- strangers (even though this is based on real life events it's super scary)


Re: Horror movies!

I haven't seen pet cemetery, it was always on my watch list, but I never got around to it.
What's it about?

Re: Horror movies!

I'm an abosolute sook, but love to watch old horror movies. Mostly because the special effects are so dated all you can do is laugh haha. Paranormal Activity was funny, but only because my partner was so scared he had to watch it from the kitchen with the sound turned off :3

Most disturbing one I've seen lately would have to be Drag Me To Hell. Screw the ending to that Smiley Sad

Re: Horror movies!

I'm pretty keen on seeing Carrie, but I've read the book and I'm not expecting that to be overyly scary.

Re: Horror movies!

I think the original Alien was pretty scary. And I loved the set design and everything on that movie; it had a lot of visual imagery that I think kinda really helped the scare tactics.


The Cabin in the Woods is a pretty good satire on the slasher horror genre in general, I think. Like, when you first start watching it; it looks like it's just going to be another cliche slasher horror flick--actually, the first scene was purposely designed to make you think you'd walked into the wrong movie--but once it gets to the halfway mark; it has a few twists that really take a look at the genre.


I like The Green Mile as well, and The Shawshank Redemption. I'm not sure if you'd really call them straight up "horror", but it was based on a book by renouned horror author Stephen King.


Secret Window was also based on something by Stephen King, and it's a bit more traditionally in line with the idea of a horror movie. It's got Johnny Depp in it and he does pretty well in it. I'd tell you about the plot, but I really don't want to give anything away.

Re: Horror movies!

If anyone hasn't seen Tucker & Dale Vs Evil I seriously recommend it. It tells the story from the 'bad' guys point of view for a typical teenage slasher movie. Funny as hell

Re: Horror movies!

@Chonty I love Tucker and Dale! I found it hilarious
Has anyone seen the ABC's of Death? If so, what's it like?

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