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I wanna make friends?

honestly I just wanna connect with people and become friends with people that kinda get what im going through??? like I just feel like my friends don't understand my anxiety attacks and the different thoughts in my head and they probably think im super weird for overthinking everything and I just wanna connect with people who kinda get it, you know? or am I just overthinking all of this ahhh

Re: I wanna make friends?

Hey @ruthxxx Smiley Happy


It sounds like you feel your friends don't really understand what's going on for you at the moment. That seems really tough! Smiley Sad It makes sense that we want the people close to us to be able to relate to our experiences. I don't think you're overthinking it.


I'm wondering if there is anyone in your life that you think might understand?

Re: I wanna make friends?

not really I've tried talking about this with one my friends and she said that I mite be overreacting and that its probs stress that's causing me my panic attacks and anxiety...

Re: I wanna make friends?

@ruthxxx  it can be hard when friends don't really understand what's going on. It's great that you tried talking to your friend about it! Smiley Happy

Would talking to a professional such as a counselor (either online or in person) be helpful? They might be able to talk through what's going on and help with your anxiety.


We have an awesome thread over here filled with coping strategies and distractions that might help when you feel anxious, what do you think? Are there any strategies you use already to help with anxiety?

Re: I wanna make friends?

Hey @ruthxxx, I noticed your chat and I decided that I want to make friends also. It's kinda annoying that everyone's offering you advice about your issue (sorry if you like the advice Smiley LOL) but no one seems to notice that you just really want a friend to talk to. Preferably one with similar experiences. I'm here to save the day. Lmao not really I'm a wreck myself but I just want someone to talk to aswell. We can be here for each other. 


Let me intorduce myself. 

I'm 14 years old.

I have depression, mild-anxiety and I'm an overthinker- which is why i've lost most of my friends. 

I don't want to be a downer so I'll discuss the good qualities of myself. I enjoy praying, meditating and reading. My favourite genres to read are class novels, romance and adventure. Do you enjoy reading too? I'm honest but sensitive, trustworthy and kind. My top priorities in life are my family and God. Hbu?? I'd love to hear about you.


idk im kinda bad at making friends so idk if this is a good start but hopefully it is and isnt too weird lmaooo

Re: I wanna make friends?

omg thank you for putting effort into this I would love to be friends.
I'm 16 years old (not that much older I guess)
I have social anxiety and absolutely an over thinker which makes my anxiety so much worse.
I enjoy playing sports (even though I get injured a lot) and reading and writing (mini stories etc not school related stuff). I used to be an obsessive fan of reading but idk I've lost interest in a. lot of things recently cause of my anxiety. my top priorities are probably myself at the moment. I don't want to sound selfish or uncaring of the least but at this moment im trying to increase my self worth and my my mental health isn't at the best either. my family haven't been much help and im losing faith in god cause nothing is going my way. im sorry if it offended you I just feel rlly isolated and alone rite now.

Re: I wanna make friends?

Hey @ruthxxx and @jasmine12345678 


Sorry to interject. It's lovely to see you two supporting each other and making friends on here Smiley HappyHeart. I'm just posting here to let you know I edited out some identifying details. We just need to be conscious about how much we reveal about ourselves on this forum because it is an anonymous forum. This means we avoid stating our first/second names, location/address, photos of ourselves/others, schools/universities, workplace etc. We encourage this for your own safety. We do allow some details of course because you can't idenfity a person by their first name and age, but when you start adding in other details then you may be identifiable, so we just want to err on the side of caution Smiley Happy. Just thought I'd highlight that for you two. But otherwise, keep chatting and supporting each other as that's what the forums are meant for Heart


Hope you've had an enjoyable weekend! 


Re: I wanna make friends?

Hey @ruthxxx, I totally get what you're taking about, I hardly have the courage to say anything about it to my friends. For me there are rarely times during the day that I experience panic attacks, anxiety or overthink but once it turns night, once I get home everything hits me. I feel isolated and lonely, unsure if I'm purposely doing it but it's not fun, one thing leads to another and then boom it's 3am ahah. Sorry if this is a load of waffle but felt like I should say something 🙂

Re: I wanna make friends?

Same. I have social anxiety which is why it's hard for me to make friends in person. is that the same for you? Sports are really fun except sometimes i'm just too lazy to get up off my fatass to play loll. I love footy, whats ur favourite sport? I mean that's fine if you have lost interest in reading- it's understandable when we worry about things we start to not enjoy our past likings. what would you say are the causes of your anxiety? omgg i feel like a councilor rn i should start talking like a normal person. Smiley LOL And you're not selfish at all! putting youself and your mental being first is very important. have you tried meditating? dudee it helps so much. I understand what you mean about family not helping bc same. You didn't offend me at all. Just because I have beliefs and enjoy praying doesn't mean i expect everyone around me to or get upset if someone doesn't. Heart It's okay. I'm not that extremely harsh religious person who hates sinners or whatever, i just believe in doing good to others. Smiley Very Happy 

Re: I wanna make friends?

hi i’m sammyye i’m 14 15 in a month wanna be friends?