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Starting again

I have always been pretty angry deep down but for last little while, well actually ages i’ve pretty mad at let’s say everyone and everything and pretty damn bitter, but tonight after a few things came up from me I decided I need to, not just want, need to, get back to the space i used to be in, because this angry stuff makes me not even feel like myself anymore I hate that. 

I have heaps of things I want to work on and I want to be doing but getting mad at what other people are doing even if it’s really small stuff is holding me back, I’m talking really small stuff, and I didn’t even realise how out of control it was getting until i opened my mouth and I said something at footy training tonight which might actually mean we’ll lose someone from not just our team but our club all together. So, it’s the 14th of March and I have a few things I want to tick off and have happening by the 14th of April.

- Go back to the gym more regularly

- Try to phase some people out of my life that are causing trouble and getting me into situations I don’t like 

- Contact some people I used to hang out with who I enjoyed seeing and made me feel good 

- Prioritise my family (siblings and mentor family)


I don’t know why I felt the need to share this wort the entire world but I guess it’s accountability and also acknowledging that I haven’t been too nice on here for a while so I apologise for that too. 

Re: Starting again

Hey @Saltwaterdreamtime 

I'm really happy to hear that you've set some really positive goals for yourself. It sounds like you're really reflecting on things and have decided to let go of thoughts, feelings, actions, and people that are unhelpful for you.

ReachOut are here to support you along the way, as best we can!

Re: Starting again

Thanks @TOM-RO I want this, but I hope it’s just not my brain deciding to be all good and motivated and nice for one day then going back to stupid the next 🤦🏾‍♂️

Re: Starting again

Thats okay @Saltwaterdreamtime . If your brain does decide to go "back to stupid" as you said, as least you have your new goals written down here. You can check this thread and it will act as a reminder about whats important and helpful for you Cat Happy

Re: Starting again

Yep true,

Re: Starting again

they sound great @saltwaterdreamtime
**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**

Re: Starting again

I see my siblings tonight ❤️

Re: Starting again

I'm so happy for you @Saltwaterdreamtime, this is a brilliant pledge and a great way to keep yourself accountable. It can feel really difficult when you start acting out of character and wondering why such small things are making you angry, so well done on recognising your behaviour and being motivated to make a change. You've highlighted some amazing and really positive goals. Are there any baby steps you can take in the next few days to help get this transition started? 


I hope you have a great time with your siblings tonight! 

Re: Starting again

@queenP see thread about interesting visit with siblings.... hmm
thanks, yeah going to get into the gym tomorrow

Re: Starting again

@Saltwaterdreamtime sounds great Smiley Happy I hope you achieve all your goals Heart