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Talking about anatomy!!

So I thought I would bring uni to the forums to make studying fun.

When I say anatomy I'm referring to the bones in the body and they have things called bony landmarks which are sites of muscle attachment. And of course I'm also talking about muscles... ever wondered how many little muscles are involved in coordinating hand movements??!! LOTS


I feel like talking about the shoulder girdle.... I bet I just confused everyone now Smiley LOL

Re: Talking about anatomy!!

Here's my contribution - easy picture for everyone to see.....(and a video if anyone want's to see!)

Re: Talking about anatomy!!

ps I think that was a failed attempt at putting in a gif, how come it didn't work?

Re: Talking about anatomy!!

No idea @Sally-RO but clicking the link works, thanks, now I might actually understand that damn shoulder girdle better!! Last year I did an assignment on thoracic outlet syndrome

Re: Talking about anatomy!!

So many fancy words Smiley Tongue

Personally, I think it's cool how bits and pieces of our insides work to do things but I'm happy to just know that there's lots of bits, rather than learning all the names and such Smiley Very Happy

Guess what day it was!!! It was Wear It Purple Day!! Come on over and learn all about what it is and what you can still do!

Re: Talking about anatomy!!

I have no choice but to learn it, unless I quit uni

Re: Talking about anatomy!!

Oh @loves netball! I know how you feel about anatomy. There are soooooo many things to learn that it gives you a proper headache sometimes. I think I struggled a bit through that section in biology and taking it further makes it more complicated. Have you heard about the memory palace? I find that it makes remembering things fun all of a sudden Smiley Happy

Re: Talking about anatomy!!

Fellow anatomy nerd signing in, lets get this party started! 


How do you do the memory palace technique @RevzZ? I have tried it but it doesn't work well for me... but i got the idea off watching Hannibal... so I'm probably doing it wrong Smiley Tongue 


My favourite bones in the body are the Atlas and Axis. I also really liked looking at bones in Bio Anthropology at uni and looking at different wear marks, changes to the density and structure and other stuff that tells you a story about the life the person lived Smiley Happy 


Re: Talking about anatomy!!

@Ben-RO the atlas sits on top of the axis right? And it allows you to turn your head/ neck! The atlas and axis are also known as C1 and C2, they're cervical vertebra. Have you learnt the bones in the wrist yet or what about the ankle? 

The ankle - your achilles attaches to the calcaneous which is the bone at the back of your heel, the talus sits on top of that


I don't understand what the memory palace technique is @RevzZ?


Re: Talking about anatomy!!

@Ben-RO is a being a nerd a good or a bad thing?