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Re: Tell me why you joined this forum and why you love it!

@musicfan_xo I can understand the difficulty with parents being involved in the details of your life..I love my parents loads and they are super supportive, but there is always that weirdness that comes with them knowing and sometimes that makes it harder to reach out to them. For what it's  worth I think you're doing a good job with it, a lot of people exclude their parents from the details, but it's now something you can always have as support.

Do you speak to your online friends often? Is this through gaming or something different Smiley Happy

Re: Tell me why you joined this forum and why you love it!

It's nice to meet you @Potatoes_are_good! Welcome to the forums!
Potatoes are indeed good. Smiley Tongue
I'm so sorry that you've been feeling sad lately. We're here to listen and support you if you need someone to talk to. Heart

I joined ReachOut because I wanted to expand my peer support skills, make new friends and use my knowledge and life experience to make a difference to others. Smiley Happy It has helped me so much and I hope being on the forums will help you too.

Re: Tell me why you joined this forum and why you love it!

@Potatoes_are_good  welcome to the forums, and thanks so much for starting this thread! I'm loving reading about everyone's reasons for being here, and what they've gained from being on the forums. It's such a generous and welcoming community, and I know that I have learned so much from everyone here- it's a really safe space for chatting about what's happening for you. 


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I also very much agree with @WheresMySquishy - potatoes are good! Is there a story behind that user name? I love it! 






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