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progress is real

I’ve been in therapy for more than a year now and can i just say that you don’t realise the progress you’re making until you look back at what you used to be like.

I’m bored at home (corona virus-go figure) and decided to sign back into this website and read some of my old posts from last year.

It surprised me how dark a place i was in than, and looking back at it now and remembering how i felt like nothing was ever going to get better- it gives me a lot of hope.

I remember what i was thinking when i made those posts and it really just showed me that although it does take time, things improve. And i know that sounds incredibly cheesy but holy damn.

I still have bad days but i have good days too and i don’t feel nearly as lost and hopeless as i did back than and i’m so proud of myself for getting through it.

For anyone who’s going through a particularly rough patch, it’s the absolute worst and it feels like your whole worlds collapsing in on you and you don’t even feel like yourself anymore and everything just feels awful, but if you try your best to get better and give it time, and patience, eventually things will turn out okay and it’s beautiful.

Smiley Happy

if anyone needs someone to talk to please tag me, i’m genuinely terrible at remembering to reply but i’ll try my best.

Re: progress is real

Hey @Sammyye it's really nice to hear from you and read about how things have improved for you. One of the cool things about being on a forum like this, is that you can really see how you've progressed over time. It's good practise to reflect on how far you've come Heart 


Also, thanks for spreading some positivity in regards to the uncertain times we are living through! I know lots of people here will appreciate that, myself included. FYI we have a self-care at home thread here that you might like to look at, considering you're bored at home Smiley Happy 

Re: progress is real

Hiii @Sammyye , it's really awesome to hear how you've made so much progress in therapy and we're all so very proud of you too for getting through the tough times and getting the help you needed! Heart And thank you for coming and sharing your journey and experience here on the forums, it's really great to hear such positive news in times like this! I hope everything is going well now for you and that you're safe and healthy ~

Re: progress is real

Hey @Sammyye! It’s been forever!

I’m so glad that you find everything is getting so much better, and I hope to see you around the forums more often now. Smiley Happy

How have you been holding up, with being home?
I;ve been looking at my mum’s facebook pages with her, and we’ve found so many cool things to do at home, despite being confined to the house property. Smiley Happy

Re: progress is real

@xXlexi_louXx Ive been doing good at home, been trying to get into an exercise routine but I'm soooo lazy lmao

Re: progress is real

@Bre-RO Thank you Smiley Happy

Re: progress is real

@drpenguin Thank you <3 I LOVE your name