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Dinner with 5 characters or celebrities

If you could choose 5 people to have dinner with, who would you choose and why?
They can be characters from a TV show or movies or a real person


Mine would be:
1. Geoffrey Rush because he seems like really good conversationist and is very humble

2. Hamish Blake because he's hilarious and is always friendly

3. Ned Stark from Game of Thrones because he's caring and humble
4. Alice Cooper because I think he'd be a great person to talk to as he seems quite intelligent
5. Michale Graves from The Misfits because that's my fave band and he seems like a well spoken person

Re: Dinner with 5 characters or celebrities

1. Bow wow (loved him since childhood)

2. Nicki Minaj (she looks lyk an interesting person to have dinner with)

3. Joyce Meyer (Inspirational preacher)

4. Kirk Franklin ( Inspiration Christian artist)

5. Trevor Noah ( The funniest African comedian and very sexy if I may say so myself) 


Smiley Happy

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Re: Dinner with 5 characters or celebrities

1) Gerard Way - One of my biggest teenage inspirations, however cliche that may be

2) The guy that plays Phil from Modern Family, but he'd have to be in character
3) Kevin Rudd so I can constantly say 'Fair shake of the sauce bottle mate.' 
4) Hunter Parrish aka Silas Botwin from Weeds
5) Josh Franceschi because I have a mad crush on him, and someone has to drink the wine with me. 

Re: Dinner with 5 characters or celebrities

I'd have dinner with my five past relationships, just to prove to myself that I'm much better off than they are.

Re: Dinner with 5 characters or celebrities

Great thread idea H,

Assuming that all of the people need to be still living, I would go with:

1. Jonathan Franzen - author
2. Michael Stipe - a bit of a hero for me since I was a kid.
3. Bjork - she'd wear something cool and weird.
4. Michael Fassbender - favourite actor at the moment. He's so damn cool.
5. Quentin Tarantino - He's be annoying, but he'd have good stories.

Re: Dinner with 5 characters or celebrities

They dont have to be alive, they will speak your language and they don't even have to be real, they can be a character in a book, tv show or movie.

Re: Dinner with 5 characters or celebrities

1. Gordon Parker- He's VERY interesting and has answered heaps of my questions in his interviews/journals.

2. Margaret Throsby- She has a very soothing voice. Her questions are always so interesting! 

3. Elmo- He always makes me laugh(or cry, depends...)

4. Al Pacino- Thank him for his interesting documentary.

5. Mr Squiggle- He's entertaining and cool

Re: Dinner with 5 characters or celebrities

There are too many people I like! Perhaps I'll stick with a theme...


5 musicians. I have a pretty varied taste, so for the sake of the musicians I've tried to take them all from a similar style of music - prog rock/metal.


1 - Steven Wilson - singer/guitarist/pianist/songwriter for Porcupine Tree. Brilliant.

2 - Mikael Akerfeldt - singer/guitarist/songwriter for Opeth. Also brilliant.

3 - Mike Portnoy - former drummer/songwriter for Dream Theater. I'm a drummer, and this guy is amazing.

4 - Les Claypool - Bassist/singer/songwriter for Primus. Very strange guy who writes strange (but very good) music...he'd be an interesting person to have at dinner.

5 - Danny Carey - drummer for Tool. Amazing drummer, and also very strange - is into a lot of occult/magic stuff, which would make for interesting conversation.

Re: Dinner with 5 characters or celebrities

Ah, so many possibilities... maybe I can throw several dinner parties? Ok, so to start with i think a literary themed eveing would entice my inner nerd.


1.Mr Darcy - cause he know the art of clever conversation and his taciturn character would surely make for some interesting drama. And if he wears a wet whit shirt after just having emerged from the lake at pemberly that'd be pretty good too!

2. C.S Lewis - is personally responsible for the many hours that i spent hiding in wardrobes as a child and i think he would be pretty intelligent and interesting.

3. Daphne Du Maurier - My favourite author who I believe was a woman before her time. I'd also request that she entertains the dinner party by reading one of her short stories

4. Gatsby - because the guy can party his way through prohibition

5. Oscar Wilde - I think he would be a essential party guest to liven up the evening and ensue a bit of scandalous drama.


Re: Dinner with 5 characters or celebrities

Fun! And challenging.

1. Chris Hannah - singer/guitarist of my all time fave band Propagandhi who are an amazing Canadian punk/activist band. Incredible lyrics - the dinner conversation is going to be amazing Smiley Very Happy
2. Jack Black - a sense of humour is going to be vital to the party.. there has to be some sort of comedian!
3. Chris Guillebeau - interesting "internet" guy who's been to 188/193 countries with the view to getting to them all by April 2013. Writes a blog "Art of non-conformity".
4. Dawa - my Buddhist meditation teacher - because everything he says is wise & carefully thought about.
5. Bill Murray - because he's pretty much in every one of my fave films, all by Wes Anderson (Royal Tenenbaums, Life Aquatic, Rushmore, Moonrise Kingdom etc). Was tempted to say Wes Anderson but Bill will be hilarious.

Ok I now need this dinner party to actually happen!