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Re: Dinner with 5 characters or celebrities

@letitgo @Tahlia and @louloubelle I wanna come to all your dinner parties, they sound AMAZING! 


Morgana Pendragon - because she's a huge inspiration to me and the reason why I've stayed alive a lot of times. Plus she's so sad and angry and I'd like to make her feel safe for a while.


Silver - (the main character from my fave book) because she tells great stories. 


Ryan Bergera and Shane Madej - (they count as one person Smiley Tongue) because they could regale us with ghost stories and they already feel like my friends bc I watch their show when I'm feeling really lonely. 


Elena Tonra - (lead singer from the band Daughter) because she seems like a really sweet, gentle person and I want to tell her that her music has saved my life countless times. 


The ninth Doctor - because he also inspires me to stay alive and heal. 


Re: Dinner with 5 characters or celebrities

That sounds like a great dinner party @DruidChild!! I quite like a few Daughter songs, though I think Medicine and Youth are my favourites!

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Re: Dinner with 5 characters or celebrities

If I were to have dinner with 5 people they would be

- Jughead Jones from Riverdale 

- Zac Efron

- The Queen of England

- Tom Holland from Spiderman

- Ellen Degeneres

Re: Dinner with 5 characters or celebrities

We've really gotten quite a broad selection of people over there!! @letitgo I agree with Marsha Linehan, she is like a psychology rockstar and it'd be amazing to hear about her thoughts on modern psychology and also what her fave animals are, haha.


I reckon I'd go with:

1) Taika Watiti - his movies have the perfect blend of humour and consciousness about cultural identity as a minority and he has great shirts

2) Audre Lorde - amazing poet and social rights activist!!

3) Mitski - my current favourite singer

4) Ada Lovelace - the first computer programmer

5) my cat, if this dinner party would magically enable her to talk Smiley Tongue

Re: Dinner with 5 characters or celebrities

Hahaha nice choices @DirtWitch!! If this dinner could magically make my pets talk, I'd just bring them Smiley Very Happy Smiley Very Happy

Re: Dinner with 5 characters or celebrities

Ooooh this is a hard one!

  • Naomi Scott - I really admire her an actress and she has an amazing voice.
  • JK Rowling - Harry Potter is such an intricate series and I would love to pick her brain about it all.
  • Bethany Hamilton - she got back on the surf board after a shark bit her arm off, if that's not inspirational I don't know what is!
  • Rebel Wilson - she is hilarious and she isn't afraid to be herself in Hollywood. 
  • Hilary Duff - I love her music and have been a fan of hers since I was young. 
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Re: Dinner with 5 characters or celebrities

1.billie eilish: funny and so unquie and like i just want her to be my friend.

2. Luna lovegood: just so cool and inspirational.

3. Bill skarsgard: he’s pretty.(i know im shallow) 

4. Emma watson: coz its emma freaking watson

5. Hayley kiokyo: to thank her for making me feel okay about being gay (OoO i rhymed)

Re: Dinner with 5 characters or celebrities

ohh this is awesome!

My top five would probably be
Pink - I've always loved her music and her personality
Lady Gaga - After seeing her documentary and her lasted film "A Star is Born" she is an awesome role model for self-confidence and believing in yourself and she is sooo resilient!
Character: Nina from Offspring. While watching the Tv series I awed at her character and how real she was portrayed
2 more... ah man this is hard.. I'll come back to it.. I'll leave you all in suspense Smiley Tongue Smiley Wink

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Re: Dinner with 5 characters or celebrities

  1. Jimmy Fallon because he would have so many amazing stories from his time on The Tonight Show and just seems like a fun person to hang out with. 
  2. Hank Green because he is just so knowledgeable (evident on his collaborative youtube channels Vlogbrothers and SciShow), also SciShow saved me from HSC Biology so it would be a great opportunity to thank him for that. 
  3. Professor Dumbledore from Harry Potter to hear about all the mischief the kids at Hogwarts would have gotten up to during his time there. 
  4. Steve Irwin (the crocodile hunter) to learn more about wildlife conservation and hear about some of his unbelievable animal encounters. 
  5. David Attenborough, for the same reasons as Steve Irwin but also because he undoubtedly has the most soothing voice ever. 

Re: Dinner with 5 characters or celebrities

OohOOoH suspense