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Re: I don't feel real and I am kind of scared (Possible tw)

@ecla34@Lan-RO I will think about telling someone after tomorrow I am just not sure who.... I am just not sure I will have many options I feel very spacey and I don't feel completely in control I mean I can hold on for tonight and probably tomorrow but I am not sure after that what will happen I am hoping if I can sleep maybe some of it will go away by morning but I doubt it. Idk I need to just try and stay calm but it is hard. But what should I do if I do tell someone and they suggest hospital? Should I just say no or what if they say I have to? Maybe I should just wait and see if this all goes away I really don't know. 

Re: I don't feel real and I am kind of scared (Possible tw)

Hi @Eden1717 telling someone sounds like a good idea so you are able to get some support. Is there someone you are comfortable talking to? I think being as open and honest as possible and if they suggest going to hospital to advise of your concerns, perhaps there are other options available. Sleep sounds like it could help you to feel better and then you can see how you feel in the morning. 

Re: I don't feel real and I am kind of scared (Possible tw)

@Lan-RO I don't really have anyone I think I can tell. The sleep didn't help and I feel really bad today. I am trying really hard because it is my family members birthday today so I just have to make it through today. It is just hard because I feel so awful. Even though the sleep didn't help I feel like I should have a nap so that I don't have to deal with being awake at the moment. Idk I am really not ok and I don't know what to do and I am scared. I am safe for now though. 

Re: I don't feel real and I am kind of scared (Possible tw)

hey @Eden1717 it sounds like you've had a really tough night but can i just say how incredibly inspiring it is to see you offering support to other members on the forum whilst you're experiencing these feelings and being so proactive about finding ways to keep yourself distracted, so proud of you Heart

thank you for letting us know that you are safe right now, do you think taking that nap could help at the moment? or maybe we could brainstorm some other distraction ideas together?

Re: I don't feel real and I am kind of scared (Possible tw)

Hey there @Eden1717, thanks for letting us know that you're safe.


It sounds like last night was a tough night for you, and you have done a fantastic job of trying to keep yourself safe, as @linkinpark13 mentioned, it's inspiring to read the amazing support you give other users even though you're struggling. 


Is your family doing anything today for the family member's birthday that can help distract you? We've also got our distraction ideas thread that might give you some ideas for today, what do you think?



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Re: I don't feel real and I am kind of scared (Possible tw)

I am really freaking scared right now. I don't feel good at all and nothing feels real and I want to scream but I am too scared and I feel like I am going to explode and I am trying so hard to hold on but I don't feel right. I am supposed to be seeing my psychiatrist on Tuesday but he never listens and I am not sure if I can even tell him anyway. I am really scared he will do something bad if I tell him and I don't feel ok and the demons are trying to hurt me again I should have been more careful and tried harder to keep them away. I am really agitated and I am having trouble doing even little things and it is hard to focus on what people are saying and I need to stop eating and I don't know what to do anymore I am really lost and I can feel myself slipping but I can't make it stop. I want to cry. I can't let them see I can't let it happen again, I am scared. I am going to try and sleep again I don't know what else to do. 

Re: I don't feel real and I am kind of scared (Possible tw)

Hi @Eden1717- last night sounds really overwhelming and confusing Smiley Sad  I hope you were able to get some sleep, and a bit of a rest from it all. Heart

There were some ideas for distraction in the link that @Jay-RO posted yesterday that might be helpful? 


 Did you do anything for the family members birthday yesterday ?


Thinking of you @Eden1717. You’re so strong for surviving every single hard day ❤️

Re: I don't feel real and I am kind of scared (Possible tw)

@gina-RO Honestly distractions aren't working at the moment. I am seeing my ndis support worker today but I am not sure what to say the them. I am really stressed and I know they can't do anything except listen which is ok I just feel like why bother saying anything. Also we did a few birthday things but we are doing some today as well because the person had some things on they couldn't take leave from. Anyway I still feel really bad and physically I feel terrible as well. I am trying really hard but I feel like I am dying or something idk I am just exhausted and everything is a mess. I really can't keep this up much longer but if I don't I will end up back in that shitty hospital and probably over Christmas unless I can lie to them and make them believe me. I don't know anymore I am not ok at all but there is nothing I can do. 

Re: I don't feel real and I am kind of scared (Possible tw)

Hi @Eden1717 I'm sorry to hear that distractions aren't working right now. What has your psychiatrist suggested you should do when you are feeling this way? From my experience I have found that doing something grounding may be a little better than trying to distract yourself. Have you ever tried grounding techniques before? The one that works best for me is keeping my eyes open, taking deep breaths, and naming objects around the room. Do you think something like this may be helpful? 


I know you don't want to go to hospital, especially over Christmas. Have you tried calling a helpline? I'm very glad you're speaking to us, but I think a little extra support from your ndis worker/psychiatrist/helpline or someone would be beneficial. 


Re: I don't feel real and I am kind of scared (Possible tw)

Hey @Eden1717, sounds super painful Smiley Sad 

Do you think it's still worth talking about with the NDIS worker even if all they can do is listen? 


You sound exhausted - understandably. Is there anything you can do to rest, other than sleep? Maybe have a long shower, or watch a TV show or something?