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I want to leave school

I'm just so f@#$ing done. I can't take much more.


No one gives two shits about me so I hate being at school, I'm in a environment where no one cares about me so I don't see the point in staying at school, no would care, notice or be sad that I was gone


I wish I went to TAFE, at least there I'm the new guy and know that no one will care about me there! I hate myself and existence


I made a cartoon picture my Facebook profile picture because I feel others get the shits when they see my face pop up on their notifcations


I just don't want to do this anymore Smiley Sad Smiley Sad



Re: I want to leave school

Hey @MemphisBelle , I am sorry to hear that your feeling down. I remember having these feelings when I was in school an they can really suck sometimes.

I am sure that is not true, that no one would notice or care! i know sometimes it feels that way, but i am sure you are noticed and cared for, even if it doesn't seem so at the moment.

When you are feeling like this, make sure you are practising self care. Look after yourself, treat yourself to something you enjoy, think about what YOU need, not about others.

Is there anyone you think you could talk to about this (aside from us on reachout who are all here for you), like someone at your school or something?

stay strong, and stay safe. please let us know how you are going and if you're feeling any better Smiley Happy

Re: I want to leave school

@bessie94 I got told last year that "Everyone hated me and wanted me to die".


I'm tired of my school, they don't invite me to parties and then laugh at me for not turning up when I wasn't told about them. I'm going to skip my formal and graduation assembly, I don't care about the celebrations at all


I feel like no one is happy that I exist or am in their lives Smiley Sad


I'm just so tired and emotionally drained, my medication aint helping, counsellors are meh and self-talk has gone haywire

Re: I want to leave school

@MemphisBelle let's take a deep breath and step back for a second.  You've almost graduated and done a fantastic job working through these frustrations so far. What do you think will happen if you drop out of school now?

Re: I want to leave school

@tsnyder I wish I could change schools to complete my HSC or get a degree that suits me at TAFE. Not necessarily "Drop out"

Re: I want to leave school

@MemphisBelle I think that sounds like a much better idea.  Have you talked to your family about possibly changing schools?

Re: I want to leave school

@tsnyder It's too late. One school is to far and the other has a really bad reptuation. That's kinda why I'm sad,  There's nothing else I can do.

Re: I want to leave school

@MemphisBelle that's a bummer and I'm sorry to hear that.  Remember that we don't go to school to be liked, we go to be educated and set ourselves up as best we can for the future. 


By sticking with it and graduating, you will open up so many more opportunities and these might lead to experiences you haven't even thought of.  What do you think about this?  I'm interested, what do you really want?


Recently I've been really struggling myself and that's part of the reason I've been off the forums.  Even just little things, like wearing my headphones between classes at uni, can help.  Have you ever tried this? One final thought, the library is usually a pretty safe place to go if you need some time to look after yourself at school, and if there is ever a time to study at lunch, it's during year 12.

Re: I want to leave school

@tsnyder You're right but I'm finding the journey there so hard. I don't want to go to formal or graduation assembly but feel like I will get pressure put on me to go.

Re: I want to leave school

@MemphisBelle I hear you, but understand that anything worth having takes hard work.  I can't stress this enough. And you've almost finished your schooling, it's just got this last little bit.


Forget about pressure to go, expectations are relative.  For someone disliking school as you are, I would focus on going to class.  Anything else is a bonus.  But beyond this, what do you actually want in life?  Thinking about this might really help you figure out what is worth being concerned over and what isn't.


That being said, I recently skipped a presentation dinner because I wasn't feeling very good mentally, and I ended up winning the top award and I do regret not going.  Sometimes life can be surprising in a good way