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Re: Struggling to cope with everyday issues

Hi @Guitarman97,

Wow you seem to have to strength to continue studying uni after so many years. Good on you! I've thought for almost a year on studying aged care and made a choice to begin fresh next year. So its completely different but at least I feel more confident with knowing where to find my experience after my degree. 

I've literally read and reread sample resume and cover letters my uni gaveso many times already but I'll look onto selection criteria and practice some interview skills as I like but quite nervous talking to new until I feel comfortable face to face. 

I'll try find some, because of my low self esteem I ended up applying for customer service roles as I thought they were entry level and there's more chance given its not much experience besides knowing how to talk to people.

Thanks for cheering me up!! Smiley Happy

Re: Struggling to cope with everyday issues

Hi @GioDes, I found reachout was an opportunity to meet many helpful people and I feel makes me feel better when I'm understood Smiley Happy Oh  I'm sorry to hear about your job losses all at once Smiley Sad I feel like its taken forever. I did have some friends whilst I was at uni but we seemed to drift apart when my friends found a full-time job. Thank you for  your support ! Smiley Happy))

Re: Struggling to cope with everyday issues

Hey Abderian,


Sure I would love to hear what you have to say Smiley Happy


Ooh yes it does I actually need to plan out my hobbies as its drifted into so much of full time finding job mode hahah I guess I need to spend more time having fun and finding my interests which may make it easier to talk to people and feel happy. 


I've logged onto the Samaritans website, however due to the pandemic its not running at the moment. Does it run in Melbourne?


Meetup is something I'll look up on probably find people of the same interests such as going for a group walk in the park.


Re: Struggling to cope with everyday issues

Hey @Liliann 

I think planning out hobbies sounds like a great plan, its easy to get caught up in the job hunt and let other things fade a little bit. What do you think this might look like for you?

I really feel for you going through this - it honestly is so hard and we've had a few posts around these issues on the forum lately, you're not alone Heart Because of this we've had some new content on our website come out, I'll just pop a few links here in case you or anyone else on this thread wants to have a look. This one is about how to feel better about not having a job, this one is about managing job rejection, and this one is about coping with job loss.


Also @WheresMySquishy I am checking out this subreddit right now and it is wild and hilarious and too relatable! 


Re: Struggling to cope with everyday issues

Hi @Liliann 

I can't say what my workplace is but I do customer service work in hospitality Smiley Happy My job is good because it gave me the ability to go from team member to leader at a young age giving me good experience in responsibility as well as talking to people.


I hope you find your course interesting and that it opens up many opportunities for you Heart

Re: Struggling to cope with everyday issues

Hey Liliann

I have just jumped on and your right - not running at the moment!

I thought I would pop through another link to Eheadspace. This website is a little more tailored to mental health services but it does have some great online options if you're looking for a chat!

I'm glad Meetup appeals to you in the future! Group walks in the park and things like that are fantastic!

Re: Struggling to cope with everyday issues

Hey @Liliann 

Sorry for the late reply. Good on you for taking this opportunity as well, best of luck with it all! 


It sounds like you have a good grip on the resume and cover letter skills, I also struggle with the interview skills but I'm sure we will both get there Smiley Happy


No worries, I hope you're feeling better about it all Smiley Happy

Re: Struggling to cope with everyday issues

Hi @Liliann , 

I hear you, it can be so tough to stay connected after uni, especially with COVID! I hope are you able to re-connect with old friends as restrictions ease, please know you are never alone! Smiley Happy