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Re: Thinking about self harm


it sucks that there is nothing that I can do to help her and it sucks that I can't talk to her, I feel that she doesn't want to speak to me about what is going on anymore. I haven't spoken to her for a few days and it's killing me, I just want to message her but I know that if she wanted to talk to me she would. I, so lost right now sooo much is going on and I don't know what the hell to do... 


I I looked on the live wire but I couldn't bring myself to talking or even ,paving from the home page, it was like I was frozen. 

I am so scared about everything.. I get my tests results back on Friday and I just know that nothing would have changed 

Re: Thinking about self harm

Hey @Talitha93


It's okay to not click through to Livewire right away, it doesn't mean you have to never click again though. The people who work at Livewire are super welcomming and friendly. To join up you'll speak with a lady called Arielle and she's ridiculously nice and friendly and probably one of the best people i have met Smiley Happy. When you're ready, can you have another go?


And with your friend, it seems to me like the thoughts and feelings you are having about wanting to have that connection with them, and not feeling able, are really quite intense. Sometimes the best thing you can do when you're feeling intense emotions like that is to distract or re-direct yourself a little. I would like you to read through this thread and pick 3 things you can do and are willing to try out ASAP. Let me know which ones! Smiley Happy



Once you have had a crack at them, i want to know how you're doing and then talk about some other things that might help Smiley Happy


Re: Thinking about self harm

Hey @Ben-RO 


I feel so anry at myself for not being able to click on the site to have a look at it. Its not about them being super welcoming or anything its just this fear I have of talking to councellors.. 

I cant promise that i will have a go anytime soon. 


i have no energy to so anything an im not allowed to go for run or a walk or the gym due to my health issues, i cant sleep. i feel so angry at myself because i feel like im relying on her so much and now she doesnt even want to speak to me. 

Re: Thinking about self harm

Hey @Talitha93


Livewire doesn't do any mental health stuff, none of them are counsellors.  Livewire helps people feel more connected in the sometimes isolating world created by chronic ill-health. So click through to them to start getting more help to connect with friends, old and new Smiley Happy 


What CAN you do @Talitha93? Can you knit? Can you do some origami? Can you cook a strange and delicious meal? How about learning to play an instrument? There's always something you can do to redirect, distract and cope. Let's find a thing to do together Smiley Happy