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Let's Chat: Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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It’s been a big start to the year with lots of world news that can start to get a bit much. It’s no surprise that seeing updates about the Coronavirus has been stressful for some people. 


If you are feeling anxious about this virus, we want you to know that you are not alone and you don’t have to struggle in silence. Feel free to have a chat about it here with us. As always, we are here to listen and support you through tough times. 


What personally helped me wrap my head around the Coronavirus was getting the facts. I’d really encourage everyone to have a read through them here and check out the links at the bottom of this post for the latest, updated health information: 


  •  Australia is taking action: There are protective measures in place including travel bans, self isolation and social distancing to reduce the transmission of the virus. You can find up to date information on the action Australia is taking here and here.
  • Person to person spread of corona viruses generally occurs between people who are close contacts with one another. A close contact is someone who has been face to face for at least 15 minutes, or been in the same closed space for at least 2 hours, with a person that was infectious.  
  • Globally the fatality rate is 2%, which is significantly lower than other recent major outbreaks. It is important to remind ourselves that we have a good healthcare system in Australia that is working hard to make sure we’re all okay.
  • It’s important not to avoid Chinese people, Chinese products or Chinatown as this can have very negative outcomes for this community. If anyone is at risk of transmitting they will be isolated. There is also a great article here about dealing with and fighting against the racism associated with this outbreak. 
  • Although it can be stressful sitting with the uncertainty of a new virus, know that scientists are working really hard to get on top of this. 

What can help to ease the stress is working on the things we do know and can control. Read on here if you need some tips on coping with things out of your control. 


So what can you do? 


  • Wash your hands frequently: Wash your hands frequently with soap and water or use an alcohol-based hand rub if your hands are not visibly dirty.
  • Practice respiratory hygiene: When coughing and sneezing, cover your mouth and nose with the crook of your elbow or a tissue – get rid of the tissue immediately into a closed bin and clean your hands with alcohol-based hand rub or soap and water. Also, avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth. 
  • If you have a fever, cough and/or difficulty breathing, seek medical care early. Tell your health care provider if you have travelled overseas, or if you have been in close contact with someone with who has travelled recently and has respiratory symptoms.

If you’re still feeling like you need more information, we’ve got some links below that might help to reduce the stress. 


  • Get all the information you need on the NSW Health site here or check out the FAQ page on the Department of Health website
  • If you’re feeling unwell and would like to check your symptoms you can do so here
  • Coronavirus health information line, call 1800 020 080 for people with questions regarding prevention and the spread of the coronavirus
  • Healthdirect helpline, call 1800 022 222 to speak to a registered nurse who can provide advice when you're not sure what to do — whether you should see a local GP, manage the condition at home, or go to an emergency department, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • This is a great info-graphic on coping with the stress of a viral outbreak here


You are not alone, and we will get through this together Heart



Re: Let's Chat: Coronavirus

I think this is a great thread @Bre-RO. Like you, it also helped me to find out the facts about the virus.

Something I was taught to do when washing my hands is to make sure that I clean in between my fingers. I often forget to do that.

Re: Let's Chat: Coronavirus

Hey @WheresMySquishy 


Sorry for the late reply! Getting the facts really helps to put things into perspective and reduce anxiety. Coronavirus has definitely reminded me to be much more mindful of my washing my hands properly as well. 


Another tip @Janine-RO shared with me today, is to clean your phone twice a day with an antibacterial wipe!

Re: Let's Chat: Coronavirus

@Bananatime04 would you like to come check this thread out?

It might help with your anxiety and give you a good place to chat about it.

Re: Let's Chat: Coronavirus

@Tiny_leafI don’t wanna make this space a negative space by sharing my worries. It’s ok but thank you for tagging me. I feel better now (in terms of sadness, not so much stress)

Re: Let's Chat: Coronavirus

I have a cold. (just a cold) But everyone's freaking out and buying all the tissues. Smiley Frustrated

Idk if this is the right place, but does anyone have any tips for dealing with a cold when everyone else is panic buying all the stuff that would probably help?

Re: Let's Chat: Coronavirus

@Tiny_leaf sorry to hear Smiley Sad
Where I am there is no toilet paper anywhere! Everyone has gone so stupid over one person having it, when he is literally in quarantine.
When I have a cold I like to have a hot drink two times a day, stay in my pjs, have baths, watch Netflix and it depends what cold you have but I like butter menthol lozenges, these other lollies that numb your throat and a nasal spray to clear my nose Smiley Happy do you have any tissues at all? If they’re all out at the supermarkets maybe try the chemist..
hope you feel better soon Heart

Re: Let's Chat: Coronavirus

Great tips from @Bananatime04 Smiley Happy 


Sorry to hear you have a cold @Tiny_leaf - Worst timing with everyone buying all the tissues etc. I know it's a bit old school but maybe you can get a handkerchief ? 


When I'm sick I do lots of steam baths to unclog sinuses. I get a big bowl, fill it up with hot water and put vicks (or something similar) in it. The steam really helps. Lots of hot tea with ginger, turmeric, honey and lemon. Vegetable soup or any clear cup of soup is also good! 


Stay warm, comfy and sleep as much as you can Heart 


feel better get well soon GIF

Re: Let's Chat: Coronavirus

@Bananatime04 the shelves are empty where I am as well. It's ridiculous, there's no actual shortage of it.

Apparently all the cold medicines as well which is what's annoying me..

We have some tissues, but I'm trying to ration them. When I run out I'll have to use kitchen towels Smiley Indifferent


The tea should be easy enough, I don't think that there's a lemon shortage (though oranges seem popular for some weird reason. They were all sold out.).

Soup might be a problem though, since everyone's buying long life food items. Seriously, the shops had no long life milk. (except vegan milk. Apparently people collectively decided that even if this is a sign of the apocalypse, but no way are they touching the almond milk Smiley Tongue)

Re: Let's Chat: Coronavirus

I hope you feel better soon @Tiny_leaf. Heart
Are you able to find saline wipes? I found some many years ago, but I've never found them again. They helped to clear my nose.