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Feelings Wheel : How are you feeling?

Hey everyone 😊


Hands up who forgets to check in on how they are feeling, or struggles to notice what emotions they are actually feeling, or finds it difficult to put a word to the reaction they are having? 🖐 ME TOO.

One tool that helps me is using a feelings wheel. Like this one :



As you can see, there’s a whole array of different emotions here, all within different sections. It can help to start from the middle and work your way outwards, to pinpoint more indepth how you’re feeling in a moment.

For example :

My friend just cancelled our plans to hang out tonight. I’m feeling sad → hurt → disappointed.

Or, I just had my first day at a new school where the teacher used my correct pronouns. I’m feeling happy → accepted → respected.

Or, I had an argument with my parents earlier and they didn’t listen to my perspective. I’m feeling angry → frustrated → annoyed.

Use the feelings wheel to comment below how you’re feeling. You can share what happened to make you feel that way, or just share the emotion you’re sitting with. Come back and use this thread to check in on a regular basis, or when you’re finding it particularly difficult to put words to the feels - we can help you figure out where in the wheel you are ❤️


Who rated this post