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Re: Today I'm Grateful For..

Today I'm grateful for...


- having a job that I love

- the geniuses at the Apple store fixing my Macbook

- my kitten being loving and cuddly

- my family

Re: Today I'm Grateful For..

Today I'm grateful for the fact that it's now the weekend which means I can sleep in for the next two days, catching up on all of the tv I've missed this week and generally being free for the days.
I love that we always have at least two days of weekend.
I'm very grateful to each of my teachers for not flooding me with homework this weekend. I'll stay grateful for as long as they continue like this.

Re: Today I'm Grateful For..

Today I'm grateful that I met so many lovely new people at uni today.

Re: Today I'm Grateful For..

A couple of teachers moving tests/SAC's back a bit.
That I won't have any important work/tests/SACs on Wednesdays, and tomorrow is a wednesday!

Re: Today I'm Grateful For..

I'm grateful that I had a psychologist appointment today (and that it was a really productive session). It was really perfect timing for me.


I'm grateful to my sister for making me chicken noodle soup, was the perfect thing to have when I was feeling unwell.


I'm grateful for the awesome lavender heat pack that I borrowed from mum for my stomach cramps today. It had the dual purpose of helping me to feel calmer and easing the cramps. Win! Smiley Happy


I'm grateful that I got some nice replies from my mentees letting me know that the mentoring really helped them yesterday. It's so nice to hear that they got something out of it Smiley Happy

Re: Today I'm Grateful For..

Today I'm grateful for my crazy energetic friends, we really let loose a bit today Smiley Tongue

Today I'm grateful for positive encouragement, positive feedback and advice about our performance.

Today I'm grateful for myself allowing me to relax and let loose and laugh and have a bit of fun.

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: Today I'm Grateful For..

Today I'm grateful for:


- the amazing multicultural society that we live in (& the delicious foods we get to eat as a result!)

- my lovely mum who sent me an email updating me on my kitten, who she's looking after while I'm living in Melbourne for uni 

- having made some friends in Melbourne

- being part of the amazing organisation that is The Inspire Foundation

- clean sheets

Re: Today I'm Grateful For..

- Mum driving me to the disaster that was lunch!

- Having someone stay to make sure I got home safely

- Water

- Emails

- Teachers who answer my questions!  

Re: Today I'm Grateful For..

Today I am grateful for:


1) Having a drive out to pick up my guinea pig from the vets and getting stuck in traffic (it was relaxing to have Taylor Swift blasting through the stereo)


2) Had a chat with my former biology lecturer. I am so glad she took the step to keep in contact with me


3) My dog (she let me brush her teeth today)


4) My baby sister (she was patient enough to listen to my maths teaching)

Re: Today I'm Grateful For..

1) I spent a good few hours today sifting through op-shops and had some awesome finds.

2) Spent tonight playing pool and having laid back drinks with friends.

3) My housemate has gone away for the Easter weekend, but left me some chocolate goodies and a cute card Smiley Happy