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Re: Trivia

True or False


1. Cats have more bones than humans

2. Cats have soft tongues

3. Cats use their whiskers to navigate the world

4. Cats generally sleep for 10 hours a day



1T - they have 230 bones, 24 more than humans.

2F - they have rough tongues that feel like sandpaper IMO

3T - they use their whiskers to see whether they can fit into spaces 

4F - they typically sleep for more, around 12-16 hours


Re: Trivia

Cats are superior in every way Smiley LOL

Re: Trivia

This is soooo cute. Also, this explains why I always see my cat sleeping no matter what time it is haha. We built a sun area outside my house and she absolutely loves sunbathing/sleeping all the time

Re: Trivia

omg @wanderingwasp that is so cute!!! I can't believe they would shave their eyebrows @Lost_Space_Explorer5 that is true love Heart

Sleeping cats are so great, my foster bebs are asleep right now, their lil whiskers and toes twitchin away while they dream. 


Trivia about Big cats!


True or False: Unlike many domestic cats, Tigers like to swim.


How long does a tiger generally live?


A) 7 Years

B) 15 Years

C) 25 Years

D) 35 Years


It's True! They love a good splash about! And they live about 25 years.

Re: Trivia

Aww little kitties Heart

Re: Trivia

A group of cats is called a..


a. Pride

b. Clowder

c. Whisker

d. Litter

e. Parliament


Answer: B


Re: Trivia

True or false? Cat Happy

1. Some cats love the smell of chlorine

2. Cats love the smell of citrus

3. Cats dream like we do!

4. When your cats slow blink it means they're showing affection


1. True 2. False 3. True 4. True

Re: Trivia

Aww, kitties are so cute! @lost_Spcae_Explorer5 I knew that a group of cats weren't a pride, but lions are big jungle cats, so idk anymore lol Smiley LOL

This isn't just cat trivia, right? and how do you do the 'Spoiler' thing?

Re: Trivia

Wait, never mind I figured it out lol

Re: Trivia

lol @xXLexi_Lou122Xx no it's not but for some reason a cat theme arose Smiley LOL