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Help with puppy names!

So as anyone who's made the mistake of letting me speak knows Smiley Tongue I'm bringing home a puppy very soon!!

(And yes there will be heaps of photos when I bring him home)


He's going to be trained as my service dog. I just met and chose him yesterday and I've been running around in circles trying to find a name ever since.


He's a boy who's a golden colour with curly fur and white feet and tail tip. 

He's very cuddly and confident, and definitely a good boy.


I'm thinking of a name that means "bright" or a name with an Italian/ Latin origin since the breed's from Italy, but any suggestions would be helpful.

Re: Help with puppy names!

Congratulations on the puppy, you must be very excited!

I know 'Lumen' in Latin means light/bright/glimmer, and 'Albus' means bright/white (excellent if you're a Harry Potter fan too Smiley Tongue). 

Good luck with the puppy and let us know what name you choose!!

Re: Help with puppy names!

@Ezle ooh Lumen might work..

I like the idea if direct translations from Latin actually, Clarus has a similar meaning too...

Looks like I'm going to be spending some time on Google translate...

Re: Help with puppy names!

I'm sooooo excited for you!!!

Re: Help with puppy names!

That's as far as my limited Latin knowledge can take us Smiley Happy

But both of those names are lovely! I am excited to learn what you name him!

Re: Help with puppy names!

Omg that's so exciting, I can't wait to hear more about your new furry friend!

I google translated the word shine since that's similar to bright, here's what I got:

shine latin 0.PNGshine latin 2.PNG

My personal faves out of those are Niteo, Mico, Luceo, Clarico, Lux, Lumen and Aura.

Re: Help with puppy names!

@squiggly Oh my gosh I spent hours looking for a list like that!!

Re: Help with puppy names!

Okay these are my ideas so far


Lumen - light

Leo - lion

Leonard, Leonardo - "brave lion" 

Luca - light

Claurus - famous, clear, bright, illustrious, distinguished, plain

Hugo - Bright Mind; Mind; Spirit;

Niteo - shine glitter flourish glow radiate be bright

Mico - flash flicker shake quiver glisten vibrate

Luceo shine glitter glisten be light

Ignis - fire

Kay  (Latin) rejoicing, Cheerful, Enthusiastic, Competent, Displays Great Physical Courage

Re: Help with puppy names!

@Tiny_leaf  I'm so glad you're finally getting a puppy! Smiley Happy It must be so exciting!
I don't have any good suggestions, but I once named one of my video game dogs Argos after the dog in the Odyssey.
Websites where you can search names by meaning such as Behind The Name can be pretty helpful.

Re: Help with puppy names!

I think that Leo is a great idea for a name! mainly because my personality is like a lion, and my star sign is also Leo!

Albus is very good too, gotta love Harry Potter!
You could even nickname him Dumbledore.... Smiley Tongue


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