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Re: My special interest, Ninjago!

@litgym it's on Netflix *wink*

Re: My special interest, Ninjago!

@N1ghtW1ng hehe, ill check out after hilda Smiley Happy

Re: My special interest, Ninjago!

Just got a completely random urge to spam this thread with Ninjago GIFs! Smiley Very Happy







Re: My special interest, Ninjago!

Hey @N1ghtW1ng wondering if you’ve had a chance to learn anything new or just enjoy your special interest lately? Smiley Very Happy



Re: My special interest, Ninjago!

Ahhh @DruidChild getting this tag yesterday made me so happy Smiley Happy Smiley Happy Smiley Happy

Image result for happy ninjago gif


In short, OH MY GOSH YES! So many things!!! 

Firstly, a new season!! !! Not entirely a full season, it's more like a four-episode short but everyone called it season 10 so that's how it's known now. But it was great! Some parts were ehhhh but mostly it was great! The animation, the score (oh the score!) and the story, I love my silly lego ninja! 


AND AND AND NEW SETS!!!! And not just new sets, but new old sets! Basically, they released newer/updated versions of old sets and they make me so, so happy I already bought one and laybyed another! 

Image result for monastery legacy set

(I can't wait until I finish paying for this one!!!)



51632673_239336090285539_1850527513210519552_n.jpg(plus some skeletons)

But look! It's Samurai X!!! I love it so much. I so want to get the rest of them too, these sets all look so cool! (Ninjago legacy sets!)

Re: My special interest, Ninjago!

Sweet @N1ghtW1ng!! Smiley Very Happy That samurai looks super awesome, I love the flame breastplate - does that have a particular meaning, or just for decoration? What was your fave part about the new season (apart from the score! Smiley Happy )? 

Re: My special interest, Ninjago!

@DruidChild ahhhhhhhhh I love this so much! The flame decoration on the breastplate is actually the character's symbol, so yes definitely a particular meaning Smiley Happy

Hm.... what I liked (apart from the score Smiley Tongue), definitely the animation for starters! So beautiful! I'm a terrible decision-maker, I just really enjoyed watching it, because I love the show and I love the characters, watching anything just makes me so happy.

Re: My special interest, Ninjago!

Oh cool @N1ghtW1ng! If there’s fire, does that mean there’s other characters with other elemental symbols, like water, air, earth? Are you building anything else atm? 


Nice, good animation is so impressive. Haha I feel a bit similar about my favourite shows, it’s hard to choose just one favourite thing or character because everything’s so good!!! Are they going to make any more series or movies do you know? 


(Sorry if I’m asking too many questions btw, it’s a show/topic I don’t know much about! Smiley Happy )

Re: My special interest, Ninjago!

@DruidChild haha I love questions, it means I get to talk about my favourite show!! Smiley Very Happy

I'm pretty useless following news, so I have no idea what's coming next but I think it's still going and I'm super excited for whatever (hopefully) comes next! And I made a new set!!! It's so freaking awesome but I haven't taken photos yet so I'll have to do that soon. It's Cole's driller and the giant (ish) stone warrior! (and I want them all Smiley Tongue)

The symbols for the other characters are kinda funny, because they're not specifically element-based. The lightning ninja has an octopus, there's a wolf for the white ninja, bear for earth and lion for fire. (maybe they relate somewhere but I don't know it) And then dragons! Smiley Very Happy (The phoenix isn't actually for fire Smiley Tongue though it is the fire's sister)

Re: My special interest, Ninjago!

Did you say, score???!!! Like as in musical score???!!!

Tell me more @N1ghtW1ng! I'm a big music nerd, tell me about the ninjago music! What's you favourite piece in the score? Is there a reason why? Do you know who composes it?