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Re: What are you passionate about?

@ElleBelle I found a vegetarian cookbook in a bookshelf-thing where you can take, borrow or leave a book, all for free! The best.

So I'm passionate about;
- general equality.
- Art (drawing/colouring). Practical art.
- Writing.
- My fandoms Smiley Tongue Harry Potter, Transformers, Percy Jackson, DC, Marvel, the list goes on.
- Reading.

Re: What are you passionate about?

  • Social justice! Feminism, anti-racism, mental health, gender equality and freedom of expression, among others
  • Gender-bending/drag (well, it's more a budding passion, but I went to a drag king show with a good friend fof mine a few months ago and we were inspired!)
  • Learning new skills - I'm planning to learn how to code and also relearning my parent's mother tongue, which is more of a second language to me
  • Writing (which is usually about the other passions I've listed heheh)

Re: What are you passionate about?

Hello all! Great topic @j95 !


I am passionate about living each day to the full, savouring my family and friends - new and old, having fun, doing things that get my juices going, passionate about loving authentically, connecting meaningfully, behaving meaningfully(lol), moving my body, celebrating others' successes, thinking big, being hopeful, passionate about colour, art, prose, design, architecture, gardening, crafts, education, communication, breathing, singing in the shower (to myself but only when I'm dancing too), and passionate about finding peace and love, and I dont know if this is a 'passion' or not, but to fulfill my life goals to Grow, Travel, Love, and Connect... preferably near lots of water,sun and laughter. Heart


Life's short - but long enough, when you fill each day with things that make you happy, relaxed, productive, fulfilled, cared for, and connected. Smiley Happy 


Anyway, have a lovely week! x

Re: What are you passionate about?

We're all such passionate people! Smiley Very Happy It's great finding out what makes everyone tick!


I have a few passions but the one that takes up the most time is hockey – playing, coaching, administrating, growing, sharing... It just gets in the bones and doesn't let go.

Re: What are you passionate about?

Hey everyone! Great post @j95


I love talking about passion which is why im so happy to see this post on here! I think i'm almost passionate about passions and helping other people find theirs. I think it's so important and can really make a difference in the day to day life. 


I think one of my biggest passions is art, i love musicians that use their music videos to make a social comment almost like it's an art film in itself, or who use their live stage performance as a platform. Art reflects life which reflects art. It's so interesting to see people write down that they're passionate about music and writing and photography. You are all creators! #swag


Also how great are live gigs, they make me so elated. I feel like i have a big love bubble growing inside me when im at a great gig and i just want to share it with everyone.




Re: What are you passionate about?

Great idea for a thread!


  • Feminism, equality and asylum seeker/refugee rights
  • Mental health
  • Makeup
  • Music - creating/playing music but also going to live music events Smiley Very Happy