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What are you passionate about?

In the Introduce Yourself thread for this month there was a question about our hobbies. I was thinking about how it would be really cool to expand on that and maybe we can share something or a couple of things we are passionate about and what that means for us? 


So me its football and music but I'm going to share more about the music.

I taught myself drums when I was younger, which I now play in a band for.  I also play guitar and I can play a bit of keys as well.


So when I write my own music I feel something I can hardley describe, but I know thats it positive. Its this huge amount of happiness and exuberance,  I just feel like my heart is almost bursting at the seams. And this overall sense of pride. That's why I'll always go back to it no matter what happens because it feels so different to how I normally feel. So being able to share that with small or larger crowds is a huge bonus. I find it weird, but I also love it how I sometimes shy away from sharing things but I can share anything i want through writing songs and I get a thrill out of doing that. 


I went away earlier this year with a friends band and I did some gigs while we were away and I think thats something I would like to continue doing.. travelling with mates, playing some music, just having a heap of fun. 


What are you passionate about? 

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Re: What are you passionate about?

Awesome thread @j95

I'm passionate about painting. I love to use art as an expression of what's going on and to promote mental health. I've had a few of my pieces in mental health exhibitions and had a lot of success with them. I hope to continue to develop my skills and eventually have a solo exhibition.
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Re: What are you passionate about?

Nice one @j95! Cool to hear what you are passionate about Smiley Happy


More recently I have become really passionate about photography. I am by no means an expert, I only got my first DSLR earlier this year and I've only got one lens, but I just seem to have a knack for it and I really enjoy it. I love landscape photography and have a couple of holidays coming up where I am looking forward to plying my 'trade' Smiley Very Happy



Re: What are you passionate about?

Gosh, so many things to be passionate about! This is gonna be intense Smiley Tongue


My passions are social issues/justice! Feminism, mental health advocacy, healthcare rights, access to education - the list goes on! 


But, I am also passionate about learning random skills haha. From cooking to intro to playing ukelele, there's always something fun and interesting to learn Smiley Very Happy

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Re: What are you passionate about?

@j95 writing music is an unreal experience! Making something that you're proud of and that you can share with others, the absolute best. 


I've been playing guitar for ages and have only just started playing with friends again, it's the best. I can't wait to put together a band and start performing. I can't think of anything else that makes me feel as good as performing/writing music

Re: What are you passionate about?

So many passions, but they mainly include social justice, equity, human rights, mental health advocacy, feminism and making sure basic health care remains accessible. Of course I am passionate about a range of things, but yeah.

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Re: What are you passionate about?

Great Thread and answers so far!


A lot of things really!


But something that really keeps me engaged is writing. I find it amazing the power writing has and the creativity it brings out of me, regardless of what time of the day it is. 


What started as a one-time thing a few years ago is now something I do on a regular basis. 


Re: What are you passionate about?

  • Art therapy
  • Colouring books- who doesn't love a good colouring seession?
  • Travelling
  • MH advocacy
  • Books
  • Learning new languages
  • Yoga

Re: What are you passionate about?

- Vegetarian cooking

- Gender equality

- 90s punk rock

- Joss Whedon TV shows

Re: What are you passionate about?

Wow everyone's answers are awesome! I'd love to respond to them all individually, I'll get around to each one!!

@benjamin_ how great is it? Do you use like loops and stuff? I love just experimenting and seeing what I can come up with.
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