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What made you smile today?

Hey everyone!


This is my first thread and i just am really interested in hearing about things that made you smile today Smiley Very Happy I love smiling and think that it is so important in wellbeing.


Today, my cat coming to lay on my lap made me smile Cat Wink


How about you? What made you smile today?

Re: What made you smile today?

@sunnygirl606 I really like this thread idea!


For me, I saw a cute, funny video of a cockatiel whistling 'another one bites the dust' and from there it was down a rabbit hole of many cute parrot singing videos that kept me smiling for a while! Smiley Very Happy

Re: What made you smile today?

I have a feeling there may be a lot of adorable animal content on this thread! 

My cat definitely makes me smile everyday Cat Very Happy what is your cats name @sunnygirl606 ? Also @Ladybug that is so cute omgggg parrots are so smart! 


Smiling today cause hot coffee is soothing my soul ! 

coffee GIF by 100% Soft

Re: What made you smile today?

@Hannah-RO I just finished my morning coffee in prep for all my uni work today hahaSmiley Very Happy

My cats name is Mia! 

Re: What made you smile today?

Very wise decision with the coffee @sunnygirl606 ! All the best with your uni work today, and Mia is an adorbs name HeartCat Very HappyHeart

Re: What made you smile today?

Today's breakfast, which happened to be my cheat meal for the week. I had chocolate, Migoreng and some fruit tea. 

Re: What made you smile today?

great thread @sunnygirl606

i saw some baby birds during my travels today and couldnt help but smile

**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**

Re: What made you smile today?

YES I'M SO HERE FOR THIS THREAD! You're so right about smiling being important @sunnygirl606 Smiley Very Happy

My friend who is a) American and b) very tired right now just wished me a happy Friday, which made me smile because it's Saturday Smiley Tongue

Re: What made you smile today?

I think it's so easy to take smiling and laughter for granted especially when you're going through something tough. So this is a really nice thread Smiley Happy


Today I smiled from volunteering with kids online. We were playing kahoot together and there was this really funny kid with lots of energy, kinda made me reminisce back when i was a kid. kids are great Smiley Happy))

Re: What made you smile today?

I was able to achieve a goal I worked so long for the past months. I treated myself to a box of macarons for the night Smiley Happy