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Re: Turning Negatives Into Positives

Negative: I'm falling behind at uni, even though its 2 weeks into the semester
Positive: I guess I'll have to try to catch up.

Negative: I feel like i'm breaking, I want to hurl up into a ball and not come out.
Positive: At least I'm functional to some level. Even if its not where I want to be.

Re: Turning Negatives Into Positives

Neg: I don't know why I bother to get help
Pos: at least I tried

Neg: so emotionally drained
Pos: good time to self care

Neg: can't stop crying
Pos: crying is ok

Neg: I'm close to the edge
Pos: I'm still holding on for now

Neg: I'm sick of my ED
Pos: ?

Neg: mum forced me to eat today
Pos: I guess I needed it

Neg: will this ever end
Pos: good times may come along
Trying to make my misery
just a piece of my history
A little less victim a little more victory
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Re: Turning Negatives Into Positives

Neg: Feeling even more scared about booking my initial appointment with a pyschologist. The one I've decided on I already know, and when I rang the centre today I was informed that she makes all her own appointments. Im now back to stage one: absolute panic. I dont even know how im going to get through this!! Smiley Sad (its taken me nearly 2 weeks just to ring that number!)
Pos: I rang the number - finally! It kinda makes sense that she books all her own appointments, given the ages on her children.

Neg: Its the initial part of all this that Im so scared of. The part where she realises who I am. Im scared to even try and ring that new number! Smiley Sad
Pos: Ill give it a few days, I can figure something out surely...

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: Turning Negatives Into Positives

Hey @redhead 


You're absolutely right, good times may come. It's such an important truth to hold onto. Everything changes. Everything. And as long as you keep holding on, you keep open the possibility that good times may come. Don't rob yourself of what you might experience. Hold on and see what happens. It may well be amazing. Smiley Happy

Re: Turning Negatives Into Positives

Negative: can't stop self harming or ED behaviors.
Positive: they could be worse. I'll talk to my therapist tomorrow about it and see if she has any suggestions on how to get it back under control

Negative: I'm starting to feel really sick from my ED even tho I haven't lost much weight
Positive: I'm seeing my GP soon to see if I'm doing any damage

Negative: so overwhelmed with life atm
Positive: I'm still settling in, I just need to give it time

Negative: the voices are bad atm and I want to give into them.
Positive: if it gets any worse I'll call the mental health helpline like the guy at the hospital suggested yesterday

Negative: I'm so tired of fighting this every day. When will I get a break.
Positive: as mentioned before good times will come again I just have to be patient
Trying to make my misery
just a piece of my history
A little less victim a little more victory
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Re: Turning Negatives Into Positives

There's so much to be proud of here @redhead Even in these really dark days you find a positive way of seeing things. This is what will get you through. Smiley Happy

Re: Turning Negatives Into Positives

Neg: Feeling really overwhelmed by this stupid bloody annoying piece of stupid papar assessment. It's driving me up the wall.

Pos: One more week and I can throw, I mean send/email it to my teacher and kinda forget about it.


Neg: I'm scared I won't pass it, and I'll have to redo it, producing more stress and anxiety which I have no energy for right now.

Pos: I'll do my best. If she says I have to redo it, I'll tell her to explain it to me properly!


Neg: Feeling like a real outcaste in my class. Feeling like if I just walked out, no one would notice. Today only one person called out goodbye. But I was too far gone in my head to really notice who I was. I just couldn't. Took too much energy. 

Pos: ?


Neg: Felt really anxious before seeing the campus counsellor. Really wasn't sure I was going to get through it. I just wanted to run, it was so bad. 

Pos: I got through it.


Neg: He doesn't know when he'll next be back. Something felt really wrong about the whole thing tho. Like it just felt really really wrong. And I couldn't even put my finger on it. Like what?

Pos: He said he'd ring 1-2 weeks before he next comes in. I can still say I don't want to go back. We might be appointed a new counsellor yet, some are going through their checks to be employed by TAFE NSW. So my campus might be allocated one.? I'm still to figure out what felt so wrong.


Neg: Didn't feel like anyswering half of his questions, so I didn't. Is that what felt so wrong? I didn't end up that closed off character in the corner of the room I keep applying to myself!

Pos: ?? Maybe I might be able to call the psychologist I want to see now, and book a time?


Neg: Felt so very detached from evreything as I talked about it all. I had my walls up, but still it all felt so surreal. Why do I feel so detached from what I was saying??? Part of me feels like this isn't right for me...

Pos: I got out somethings I've never said before. It was nice to have someone say that it didn't sound like a good envrionment to be in - at home. I know I need this. I so desperately need counselling to at least find an even ground for a while. This low mood recently is really testing me. Maybe he just wasn't the right person for me....

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: Turning Negatives Into Positives

Neg: therapy was so hard today
Pos: it's hard to open up, but it will be worth it

Neg: I ate x today
Pos: I'm forcing myself to get my eating issues back on track so I know it's going to be hard. I just gotta keep moving forward, accept the issues but push through them anyway

Neg: the voices are bad today.
Pos: it's understandable after everything bthat happened today. Just got to push through them and use my safety plan

Neg: my kids helpline counselor wasn't able to talk to me when I called and I'm really struggling with this stuff atm
Pos: despite this I'll stay safe and use my other strategies. Luckily my meds are starting to kick in and in calming down

Neg: freaking out about Wednesday. Have so much on. seeing dad in the morning. Telling mum about sexual abuse over lunch. then seeing psychiatrist to change meds in the afternoon.
Pos: I'll get through it. It's all good stuff that's happening and I don't really have to worry about it
Trying to make my misery
just a piece of my history
A little less victim a little more victory
-Icon for Hire

Re: Turning Negatives Into Positives

Neg: Was having a good day until I went to cover my portfolios, then stuffed them up and ended up ripping hte contact off destorying the actual cover of the book - brillient. I felt really angry both at life and at myself, I felt out of control. I then felt sad because I felt so angry. And then hoepless because I was feeling sad about feeling angry. I'm feeling outtah control!

Pos: I managed to calm down. I managed to fix the book! I managed to finish covering all 3!


Neg: It was a good day, but I'm feeling uncertain I can class it as a good day due to my irritability, and mood swings this evening

Pos: It was a good day in that not once I felt the urge to hurt myself or end my life! It was a good day in that I managed quite well considering I didn't spend the entire day alone, I spent a lot of time talking to others and being physically around others!


Neg: My hair didn't turn out as red as I wanted it. But I kinda knew that.

Pos: It is red. It's got that red glimer to it, especially in the sun! It's a burgandy colour to begin with, if I want a redder colour or more intense, I should try the 'red embers' in the same brand, that should come out brighter in my hair? Smiley Happy It still looks awesome. left my hair feeling amazing too! WIN!

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: Turning Negatives Into Positives

Negative: I had have surgery yesterday and I was absolutely terrified before, and afterwards I felt really sick.
Positive: I forced myself to do it anyway because I knew it was necessary. And I survived and my mum is taking care of me now.