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Re: Unread Letters

Dear stupid forms I have to fill out,


Why must you be so lengthy and annoying? I'll fill you out soon, just you watch!

// Spiral outward, keep going. //

Re: Unread Letters

Dear [name], 


It terrifies me when you isolate yourself like this, but I hope you know that I always understand and that I will never leave you. Even if you isolate yourself for months, I will still be here, waiting for you and loving you. 


I hope you know that I love you just as much when you're locked up in your house playing video games and ignoring the world as I do when you want to talk to me everyday and go out every night. I hope you know that there is nothing you could do that would make me stop loving you this much. 


Do what's best for you and take good care of yourself. I adore you and I am not going anywhere. 

[My name] 


Re: Unread Letters

Dear Orphan Black,


You're one of the most engaging shows I've had the privilege of watching. Please leave me alone for a bit though, so I can actually start ticking things off my to-do list.


// Spiral outward, keep going. //

Re: Unread Letters

Dear [name],


You told me that you hoped that other graduates would not turn out like me, and that in fact you hoped that people would not assume that all of your graduates turned out like me. Well, I may not have graduated in the same way as you had envisaged at the start of my degree, however I have succeeded in my music, and I am using it for the benefit of others.


You may not have understood what I was going through at the time, and I have forgiven you for everything you have done to me during my undergrad. However, I hope you see my success and realise that I am able to succeed, and that if other graduates turn out like me, then that’s okay.


I hope that you’re doing well, and that life as a grandparent is treating you well.


Much love,


Re: Unread Letters

Dear little genius,


It was my fault, i let you down, I spoke of hights and you watched me fall down. It was my fault, i can see the disappointment in ur eyes, i can see the shame, the diminishing hope, the embrassment and I'm sorry i let you down. I'm sorry for not being the example you were hoping for. I wanted so badly to explain myself but all i had were excuses and you don't deserve excuses. I can barely look you in the eye and you can barely look in mine. I promise to be better, but I'm so beaten down, I'm so burnt out and ashes don't rise. Ashes fade to black and will be long forgotten. I'm sorry I'm not who i appear to be, but this is who i am, who i was and who I've become, i am everything you wish I wasn't. Sorry i disappointed you.



Re: Unread Letters

@ILAUVEDEN Thank you for sharing this. Remember if you want to start a thread for support around anything, please go for it Heart

Re: Unread Letters

Dear University,

You should not treat your students like guinea pigs without their permission. You should not test out new units and assessments on students trying to graduate. You shouldn't have updated your student website because it's a piece of trash and hardly works. You should actually answer student emails. Your student association should not feel like an elite club. Your clubs should not be almost non-existent. You should not need TEN people to start a club.

You're supposed to be a good uni. Start acting like it.

Sincerely, a pissed off student.

Guess what day it was!!! It was Wear It Purple Day!! Come on over and learn all about what it is and what you can still do!

Re: Unread Letters

(This is not an actual part of the letter, but I'd just like to make a note that this is an actual email I wrote but never sent, but just with the person's name changed. Also, I had a bunch of quotes about depression and anxiety attached because I'm bad at explaining things. Down the bottom, I've attached some of the quotes that were originally attached to the email.)


I'm sorry I keep emailing you. I really am. I just know that you don't read these emails so its like I'm just talking to myself. I know this will seem like I'm being an attention seeker but I finally found a way to explain how I feel. These images are of no real importance whatsoever, heck, you can delete this email and it won't really matter. I just found these because I've never been good at explaining how I feel to you in my own words, so I've stolen the words of others off of the internet. I'm sorry I'm such a bad friend. I'm sorry I'm so annoying all the time. I know I sound like an attention seeker even though I say I'm I'm not. I can't help it. If talking about my problems means looking like an attention seeker than so hecking be it. You don't need to reply to this. You don't even need to read it. Just me writing this makes me feel a little bit better. I don't want to send this email. I really don't, (friend's name). I just wish that you would listen sometimes. You never listen when I try to talk to you about what the hell is wrong with me. I know that by now you've probably shown (person A) or (person B) or whoever's sitting next to you how sooky and wimpy I am, but when I contemplate the effects of suicide on my body and the emotions of others, especially you, doing schtuff like this helps me sometimes. Du bist mein Freund, und ich liebe dich.











Sincerely, (my name)


Re: Unread Letters

Dear everyone,
I don't know how or why our society came to condemn and undervalue the issue of mental illness. Our cries for help is seen as a cry for attention, showing emotions are seen as weakness. Suddenly it's rude to say you're having a bad day if someone asks how you are, it's only correct and polite to say you're good. Mannerisms and social conventions are all built on everyone putting on a facade, we lie just so the other person won't have to feel uncomfortable, suddenly talking about our problems is a waste of somebody's time.
"Teenagers are all angsty," they say, "mood swings," they say, "just trying to get attention," they say. Well, I don't even know what to say, i have a friend who is depressed and I don't know what to say to make it all go away. I wish i could say it's just "teen angst" and that it will all go away, but the truth is mental illness stays with us and we are all made to keep it to ourselves like it contagious, like it's insignificant, like it's a burden.
Why do we have to hide it? Why can't we just talk about it without mocking it or justifying it?

- R

Re: Unread Letters