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Re: Unread Letters

Thank you @Jay-RO means a lot Smiley Happy just feel like I'm always negative and need to be more positive, god I sound desperate ergh

Re: Unread Letters

@annabethxchase and @litgym you are both very valued, cared about, and wanted here on RO. You are worth so much and deserve all of the good things in the world! I know it’s so hard but please hold on and have hope HeartHeartHeart


Re: Unread Letters

Dear heart attack in black hair dye, 

Why did you stop loving me? I tried so hard to be the perfect friend. What did I do wrong? 

Please forgive me. Please love me again. Please be okay. 

Love, the only friend who can make you cry. 


Dear Dad, 

I know what you did. 

Love, someone who’s not yours to take


Dear [counsellor’s name]!, 

Thank you for letting me talk about x. I’ve been so ashamed of it since I was 7/8 years old and it’s eaten at my soul and prompted so much self harm of so many different kinds. I hope that things will start to get better now. I feel lighter, at least. 

Thank you for believing me, and telling me I’m not a bad person.

Best, [my name]

Re: Unread Letters

Hey @DruidChild, Thanks for sharing these thoughts  - sounds like some heavy feelings going on. 


I'm so glad to hear that your counsellor is someone you can talk to and get support and work on your coping strategies. Sounds like really good work you're doing with them. Heart

I'm leaving ReachOut on the 5th of June Smiley Sad Say goodbye here

Re: Unread Letters

thank youHeart @DruidChild


dear school,

im so sick how you treat me Smiley Sad im sorry i can't always be safe and "okay". I try to be but no one realises how hard breathing is. im trying okay, but attendance is hard, full days are SO hard. you expect me to do work but I can't I physically can't pick up my pen and complete the work. im always so dissociated at school. you guys don't realise how much pressure you put on students. its horrible pretending that I wasn't just in emergency, I didn't relapse, I didn't just have a tough appt. all you want is your students to be magically okay.


dear GP,

thank you from the very bottom of my heart for not giving up on me. you've seen me be my bubbly quirky self and you've seen the very distressed out of control self. thank you for not judging me either way and still being so committed to helping meHeart

Re: Unread Letters

Dear best friend,

I know i haven't been present lately and i know you can feel it when i'm distancing myself, when i avoid your eye contact. When i pretend i can't feel your concerned gazes. I'm sorry i brush it off by saying i'm okay when you try to reach out to me. It's just so hard to tell you how i feel, when i could potentially ruin our entire friendship by three simple words that i let slip out casually but secretly hold so much weight. I can't tell you how i feel because i simply refuse to let myself feel this way. If i can't accept it how can you? It's so hard seeing you everyday and not be able to stop how i'm feeling. How can i tell you that you are the reason i'm feeling this way? Please stop making me feel this way or just give me some space.


your friend

Re: Unread Letters

Such an honest, remarkable letter @ILAUVEDEN! Smiley Happy   

// Spiral outward, keep going. //

Re: Unread Letters

Dear Self,

It's okay that your finding things difficult right now.
Know that you are doing the best you can, and there are people around to support you as you need!

Self x

Dear C,

I miss working with you. I miss the way you cared and really worked on building a relationship with me.
I miss your optimism and genuineness.
I know you did what was best for you and I respect your decisions.


Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: Unread Letters

Dear C,

I saw you the other day and it had been a while since I saw you, and my heart broke all over again. I miss you. I miss everything about the relationship with you. From your optimism to genuine care for those around you and who you worked with. I hope you know how much I appreciated everything you did.


Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: Unread Letters

@Bee  I think this thread is a great idea! I tend to do the same thing, especially when I need to vent about something.

Dear non-profit who shall remain nameless,
Thank you for teaching me how to be resourceful. I applied for an advertised position at the beginning of the year, supplied all the necessary documents and checks, told you which days and times I was available and went through the training, yet it took you guys months to contact me about when I can actually start my role and only after I contacted you several times. Throughout this time, you made various excuses, such as the person I was in contact with being mysteriously on leave for over a month without letting me know in advance and having to suddenly close. Then you reopened without contacting me to say that you were open again and that I could come in. I only found out when I enquired as to what was going on. It seems that I was forgotten about, which stung a little. This isn't the first time this has happened to me but I thought that you would be more professional and different. I am concerned about my future availability and would have preferred to start my role before my schedule changed and became busier. I also turned down other positions because you left me hanging for months, amongst various other inconveniences. I hope that my experience will get better and that you can manage to turn around my bad impression of you.