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i feel like i've hit a brick wall. all of a sudden, everything is hard. i have to force myself to do basic everyday tasks, like eating and showering. i barely eat, i go days without showering, my room is a mess. theres moldy food on my bedside my table because im not bothered to clean it up. i feel absolutely pathetic. i cant get my school work done. and i just keep crying. i dont know what to do anymore.


i want everything to stop, not as in suicide. i want to be able not to live without dying

Re: overwhelmed

Hey @megb so sorry to hear what you are going through, how long have you been feeling this way? Is there anything bringing this stuff up, or just generally a feeling of sadness and overwhelmed?

Re: overwhelmed

i just generally feel like this. its been gradually building up but it hit massively recently

Re: overwhelmed

Have you talked to anyone about depression etc? Such as a therapist or GP? It's a really hard place to sit but you don't have to go it alone. Is there anything you can think of right now that brings you a sense of fulfillment i.e. hobby, relationship, friendship, work?

In fact I will tag a few other members who could probably offer some awesome strategies to help you - @FootyFan26 @mspaceK @safari93 @scared01

Re: overwhelmed

a major friendship of mine just ended which wasn’t helpful but i’m happy when i’m around my friends. i love playing music but even that recently seems like a chore


i haven’t talked to anyone about it because i don’t know who to go to. i don’t want to parents to know about it

Re: overwhelmed

Hi @megb and welcome to ReachOut! Smiley Happy


I'm sorry to hear about your friendship, are you able to talk to any of your other friends about how you've been feeling? I understand not wanting to talk to your parents, and that's okay. There are plenty of places where you can reach out (hehe Smiley Tongue) for support. Smiley Happy There are online places like these forums, or a lovely list of webchat/email/phone services here


Are you still in school or at a unviersity or tafe place? Those places offer free counseling services that you can go to for support. They're also anonymous, so your parents won't get told unless there's extreme situation, however the counselors will usually tell you about how the confidentiality works, or you can ask. 


Playing music sounds lovely, do you play any instruments?


Re: overwhelmed

hi there @megb and welcome to reach out

im sorry about your friends ships, that must be pretty hard. im in a similar situation so can understand how your feeling.


im happy that your asking for help though, this is a really good step

@N1ghtW1ng has asked some great questions so will leave it there for now.


looking forward to chatting with you some more Smiley Happy

**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**

Re: overwhelmed

i’m at college in australia. so year 11. i’ve seen the schools psychologists before but they did not help heaps. i’d consider goid back though. 


i play piano, guitar and clarinet (as well as a little ukulele)

Re: overwhelmed

Hey @megb, would you consider seeing a psychologist out of school? I did that when I was in Year 10/11 and found it really helpful.

Oh, wow, you play heaps of instruments! Do you try to practice often?

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Re: overwhelmed

Hey @megb

Firstly, welcome to the Reach Out forums. 

Secondly, it is incredible that you play that many instruments! I did violin for a couple of years and then I just couldn't keep up with practising anymore so I had to give it up. 

Thirdly, I think its great that you sought out some help from the school psychologist, and that you are thinking about going back. I did that in year 12 and it helped a lot. if not, there is always kids help line that you could call up on 1800 55 1800.


Plus, we are always here if you need a chat Smiley Happy