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Re: worst week ever....

Hi Everyone, thank you so much for your support, I went to the hospital this Thursday and the doctor said it takes at least 6 weeks to recover Smiley Sad. I am okay right now, I just felt a little bit lonely and helpless at that moment, and now I just feel a little bit boring because I have to stay at bed for several weeks. My best friends are now at Melbourne at the moment, but I got a lot of help from strangers and that makes me feel greatSmiley Very Happy
For the dance videos, I was planning to do a kpop in public with friends and they agreed to wait me until recovery and film that.

Re: worst week ever....

Hey @Macaria, It is so lovely to hear from you again!

I am sorry to hear that you're feeling lonely and helpless, I can definitely resonate with you with these feelings while being injured, it can be very isolating but it is so important to remind yourself everyday how lucky you are to be recovering in only a few weeks time! It is so nice to hear that you are going to be given the chance to perform with your friends when you have healed! Sounds super exciting Smiley LOL
Are you in a cast or boot to help with the healing? Do you have a way to commute around the house etc? 

It is great to hear that you are receiving some support from others, is this through an online base that you have been talking to them on? Smiley Happy

Sending lots of happiness to you during this time! 

Re: worst week ever....

Hi @Kaylee-RO, yes I am in a boot. One of my best friend just came to my home on Monday and chat with me and I am try to pick up my painting skills cuz its boring at home. The support I received is in my daily life and I think those are small kindness that I seldom notice previously, for example, people will wait for me patiently in the elevator

Re: worst week ever....

Hey @Macaria, oh yes the boot! How are you coping with having that on? 

That is really awesome that you are looking into strengthening your hobbies! Do you have any ideas of what kind of painting you're interested in trying? 

It is quite incredible how much you begin to notice what others tend to do for you once you're placed in a position of reliance, and I am glad that you have people there supporting you patiently Smiley Happy

Re: worst week ever....

hey @Macaria
6 weeks can feel like a long time but i hope it goes quickly for you and you can find ways to pass the time. Im glad you got alot of help too, i hope that you continue to feel supported by friends and family when you need to as well.
i remember having a boot for a few weeks and it become quite challanging for some things.

maybe we could help you find some activities you could try out to help curb the boredom?
**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**