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AMAA: Redefining pathways to success





Success means something different to everyone: finishing uni, starting a family or having good health, to name a few. It can be hard to work out what it means to you, especially when influencing factors shape your idea of success. Things like: societal pressure to complete milestones by a certain age, high expectations of us from teachers/family or ourselves.


The pressure can get overwhelming when you're studying for exams or finishing school/uni. There might even be times where your plans change out of the blue, a significant life event happens, or you go through a rough patch. The good news is there are ways to support yourself to get through it!


This month our "Ask Me Almost Anything" is all about sharing ways to pursue your version of success and juggle life's unexpected twists and turns. So bring all your questions because we've got two amazing guests that I'm so excited to hear from.


This time we are chatting with two Youth Ambassadors of Reach Out, introducing:




Nigel, 25, is an Honours Graduate who studied a Bachelor of Science Advanced Global Challenges. Throughout his career he has worked in many industries from corporate, startups, retail, hospitality, scientific research institutions, to government. These opportunities have taken him from Melbourne and Sydney, to working in Cambodia, Papua New Guinea, and the Pacific Islands. 


Currently he works for the Victorian Department of Health in the Mental Health and Wellbeing division. In his spare time he is a Youth Ambassador for ReachOut Australia, loves many sports, photography, and outdoor adventures. Success to him is having purpose in the work he is doing. It's not about your job title, the money you earn, or what other people think of you. He believes success is about purposeful work and happiness in doing what you love.





My name is Jordan and I am currently studying Nursing with the goal of one day being a paramedic or working in mental health. I have worked with ReachOut as a Youth Ambassador in the past and am currently working as an Australian Youth Advocate for Mental Health in partnership with Headspace. I have two cats named Mia, and Pippa, and I love coriander. My definition of success is trying your hardest despite all the odds, and getting to the end destination regardless of how long it took or the route you wound up on to get there. 


They'll be sharing their experience of navigating their career and mental health, and we'll be answering your questions! So, send them through to us using the google form below:




We'll be here chatting on the 31st of August between 7pm - 9pm. Hope to see you there! 

Who rated this post