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Let's Chat: Studying and lockdown



Sitting exams can be stressful at the best of times. Throw on lockdowns and studying at home, and it gets overwhelming. There are a million things that this situation might have brought up for you. 


You might be finding it hard to adapt to learning in a digital environment and feel worried about how that will impact your results. On the other hand, it could be pandemic fatigue and stress about the future. 


All of this would leave anyone feeling tired and worried. Looking after yourself comes first always. No matter how important our study commitments are, we must take time to balance our needs. 





Take breaks: Set aside time to look after yourself, the same way you do to study. See it as an investment, and don't feel guilty. It doesn't matter what you do, as long as it makes you feel rested, relaxed and happy. 


Screen-free time: Lockdown means encountering screens more than usual, so with this in mind, take time to disconnect - Go outside, get your body moving and breathe in some fresh air.


Recharge: Staying connected is important at this time. Some people benefit from zoom hangouts, phone calls and socially distanced walks. Others prefer spending time alone to recharge. Whatever it is, do what makes you feel comfortable.


Remember, your results don't define your future: Receiving exam results can bring up lots of emotion. If it really gets you down and you need support, connect with your family, friends and school/uni community. 


It's so common to find that people in your life have taken different avenues to reach their goals. So it's comforting to know that no matter your results, there will be other opportunities and avenues to take. 


If stress about the future is getting too much, there is support, and you aren't alone: 


  • Get it off your chest. Comment below or start your own thread about it here.
  • Talk to a counsellor from e-headspace about it here.
  • Check out the headspace work and study support service or call them on 1800 810 794
  • See the student support officer at your school, TAFE or uni. If you are a student in a rural area there are student services you can access here
  • Your GP can go through a mental health care plan with you via telehealth, and under medicare, everyone is entitled to 20 sessions. There are different kinds of mental health professionals - this article explains them all really well. 


We will be chatting live with two youth ambassadors of ReachOut this month about redefining pathways to success. There's still time to submit a question here and get involved on the night. Join us live on the 31st of August between 7 pm - 9 pm to hear what they have to say! 


ReachOut created a list of content for anyone stressed about the future or exams. You'll find a great article called "How to handle fear about the future: A guide for year 12 students". You'll also find quizzes, personal stories and guides to help you get through this time. 


Take care of yourselves as best you can, and know we are here for you!

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