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Where would you travel to and why?

If you could wave a magic wand name the top 3 countries you would like to travel to and why?


1.  Brazil - I want to experience the Carnival 

2.  Jamaica - I want to dance with authentic dancers of the "Dancehall" genre.

3.  India - I think that there is a long/deep routed history that is fascinating to explore.  

Re: Where would you travel to and why?

These are in no particular order, but I would travel to:


1. India - food; curry is awesome

2. New Zealand - scenery

3. Norway - scenery, but I would like to know more about its history/culture

Re: Where would you travel to and why?

Great topic @MaryRO ! I LOVE travelling!! ๐Ÿ˜


This is soooo hard to narrow it down to 3.. 


1. Iceland - the scenery looks spectacular!! 

2. Canada - to visit my best friends, they've been here but I'm yet to visit them there (stupid covid!!!) 

3. Africa - dying to do a safari and see wild animals in their natural habitat!! 


@Lost_Space_Explorer5 @Eden1717 what about you guys? Would be keen to hear where you'd like to travel. Only if you're up for it ๐Ÿ’™

Re: Where would you travel to and why?

Ooh thanks for the tag @MB95! Smiley Happy I'm not sure where I'd like to travel lol, I haven't done much travelling in my life, it seems kind of scary but I would like to travel! Maybe somewhere in europe? Or anywhere that's snowy hehe? Anywhere really lol that's so vague Smiley LOL

Re: Where would you travel to and why?

I feel you @lost_Space_Explorer5. I have been to a few places but my interests are still broad because there are so many great places around the world! I find it hard to choose.

1. New Zealand - I want to try all the extreme activites there.
2. Egypt - I would love to explore the culture and history there.
3. Canada - My friend has lived there and they have shown me so many amazing places. I want to see it all!

Re: Where would you travel to and why?

This thread is giving me some serious travel bug goodness.


1. Maldives - I just really love super blue water!

2. Columbia - I've always wanted to go to South America for the adventure, and I have some family in Columbia Heart

3. Greece - I want to eat food and soak up some history.

Re: Where would you travel to and why?

Hahah at the moment for some reason the place I'd like to travel to most is Alice Springs, something about a desert city is just so great. I haven't been there in forever. But in regards to countries:

1. Iceland - It's so isolated hahah and, again, the scenery looks great! A lot like New Zealand (which I've been to before and love)! I'd love to go in Summer and experience a midnight sun.
2. Japan - so much history and so much variety -- from busy Tokyo to the mountains...
3. Italy - again, so much history! I'd love to do a tour all the way down the country.

Hard to narrow down, haha! I want to go everywhere! I also really want to go to Germany + Denmark (though I guess I couldn't justify it with an explanation?).