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RO recipes

So @loves netball made some amazing gingerbread people and despite being unable to upload it, we have found a way to share the pic with you, at least just this once! Here a pick of the tasty little fellas Smiley Happy




I thought it would be cool for us to share our favourite tasty recipes on RO so here's a thread to do just that you can share anything, sweet, savoury, or something in between. Here's the rules:


1. Take a photo of the finished food

2. Share the recipe

4. Try someone else's recipe and share your attempt

5. Repeat



Re: RO recipes

Oooo im so keen to share my blue cheese gnocchi, or as me and my housemates call it - heart problems on a plate. I'll make it tonight I think
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Re: RO recipes

That gingerbread looking so good! 


I definitely need to make my Grandma's chocolate cake recipe again soon, so stay tuned for that on this thread Smiley Happy

Re: RO recipes

@Ben-RO Thanks. I actually had some help from @N1ghtW1ng so there's more pictures on another thread. Recipe is from

Re: RO recipes

At the moment my diet consists of things that don't take longer than a minute to make, so the only worthwhile ROcipie I can share is banana smoothie.

  1. 1 pretty-ripe banana, pre-frozen. (Pro tip: if you peel it and put it in a plastic bag before it goes in the freezer, you won't freeze your fingers while fighting to get the peel off after it's frozen.) Can use other frozen fruits too (e.g. strawberries, blueberries etc.) but bananas make it quite creamy.
  2. Milk
  3. Cacao powder (or whatever you want to flavour it with)
  4. Will it blend? Yes. Duh.
  5. Drink straight from blender mug so you only have 1 thing to wash up when you're done.

Re: RO recipes

I've been meaning to bake again and this is the perfect excuse! Chocolate brownies coming up!!

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Re: RO recipes

So I got the impression, I was supposed to post my first gingerbread house here, even though I posted it elsewhere. 

@Ben-RO this is for you; my second ginger bread house


Re: RO recipes

Smiley Very Happy Your second @loves netball? It's so pretty!! Smiley Very Happy

Re: RO recipes

Omg i made some Baileys moose. It took two attempts but it tasted so good.

That ginger house looks great! 

Re: RO recipes

I made some of my famous three-chocolate-chip cookies and had a first try and shortbread! They turned out really nice Smiley Very Happy