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Things we love to do :)

Hi everyone!


So I just finished writing my thesis for my honours year and now I have a bunch of free time! I'm using this time to get my mental and physical health back on track and to do some things I really love to do that got neglected this year! Anyway, I just wanted to start a little chat about the things we love to do that we might not always have time for. 


For me, I love playing with my appearance (like changing my nails, hair, and makeup), learning new languages (even though I'm not great at it haha), and doing more adventurous exercise like hiking and rock climbing instead of just my usual gym stuff Robot Very Happy


So what does everyone love doing? Smiley Very Happy 

Re: Things we love to do :)

Hey @Libellule


Congrats on finishing your thesis! That's a great effort, you must be so relieved! Smiley Happy


I love going on adventures and random scenic walks! I also love to read but rarely get the time anymore!

Re: Things we love to do :)

congrats on finishing your thesis @libelleule thats awesome!
hmm for me i love my arts and crafts, going for dirves with the music turned up and music in general.
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Re: Things we love to do :)

This is a fantastic thread idea @Libellule Congrats on finishing your thesis! Smiley Very Happy Sometimes we can be so stressed out with the things we NEED to do, we forget about the things we LOVE to do (I know I have Smiley Tongue)

I to am a fan of adventures! Mainly in nature but I've been so lazy so I haven't really. I should probably make some time, hey? I also love creating with art but again, I haven't. I guess this month is a huge one, and it's going to be even bigger considering I missed a full week thanks to sickness. BUT it's always a good idea to have some time to do the things you love Smiley Happy

Re: Things we love to do :)

Thanks everyone for the congratulations! It is a big relief and achievement and I'm proud of myself. 


@dog_lover94 I used to read a lot too before I started uni, but then I had to read so much for uni I didn't want to read anything else! What genres of books do you normally like to read when you have the chance? 


@scared01 drives with music is so much fun! I especially love late night drives with a friend Smiley Happy 


@N1ghtW1ng sorry to hear you've been ill. I totally understand the feeling of having way too much on! Sometimes the things we love have to be smaller to fit into our schedule but that's okay Smiley Very Happy

Re: Things we love to do :)

ooh night time drives by the beach! @Libellule so refreshing

**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**

Re: Things we love to do :)

@Libellule I love crime and thriller type books! I just started Liane Moriarty's new book. I really like some of her others so hope this one is just as good! Smiley Happy What kinds of books do you read?

Re: Things we love to do :)

@dog_lover94 oh that sounds so exciting! Is it true crime or fiction? Smiley Happy 


I’m a huge fan of sci-fi and fantasy! They’re so different to reality I find it so immersive 

Re: Things we love to do :)

@Libellule a bit of both!


What are you favourite sci-fi books? I can't ever seem to find any really good ones!

Re: Things we love to do :)

@dog_lover94 hmm now that I think of it, most of the books I read are fantasy rather than sci-fi Smiley LOL I love the more popular "mainstream" fantasy stuff like Harry Potter and Game of Thrones. I tried to read Lord of the Rings once but I couldn't get through it unfortunately. I used to read a lot of smaller, lesser known fantasy stuff but I can't even remember the names of them anymore its been so long lol.