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Re: What are your tastes?

Totally interrupting the flow of posts here but @Myvo THAT VIDEO! Hahaha, that video is so me especially with the "when you haven't seen someone for a long time and you happen to be wearing the same outfit that you saw them last in". I HAVE MORE THEN ONE SHIRT, I SWEAR!

Re: What are your tastes?

Awesome thread!



Here's mine!


  1. Fashion - I love floral and pastel colours, cool dresses and just anything funky!
  2. Food - I am a serious chocoholic! LOVE anything sweet!
  3. Music - I love ALL music (except metal and country)
  4. Phones: I am inlove with my iphone 6 plus (APPLE ALL THE WAY haha)
  5. Shoes - Inlove with my connies!

Re: What are your tastes?

Love the thread @Doni99  Smiley Happy


Here's my tastes: 



I am a self-confessed fedora fanatic. Like @benjamin_ skinny jeans and basics all the way! Black-on-black most days but i definitely love mixing things up and having fun with different prints, textures and cuts Smiley LOL



Breakfast foods all day everyday! smashed avo on toast, eggs benedict, bacon, coffees, teas, juice!!



My music taste is not limited to one genre, i like anything i can have a cheekie boogie to. When my ipod is on shuffle it can be playing indie-rock then jump to some punk-rock then to some 1D. All music is good music Heart



I was an apple junkie for four years i had the iphone 4 and 5, I have now moved onto HTC... which one is better? I am yet to find out Smiley Happy



Doc Martens, Chucks, Clarks, Birkenstocks, and Nikes... I spend way too much money that i don't have on Nikes Smiley Tongue




sometimes it rains, sometimes it shines, this is how flowers grow

Re: What are your tastes?

Love this thread.



I love fashion and it's why I struggle to really develop a unique personal style. I love everything from crazy runway high end stuff through comfy jeans and everything in between - gothic, steampunk, prep. Myself, I'm mostly a jeans and flowy top kind of girl. Comfortable shoes, a must. In my dreams, I look like Stevie Nicks.



Mostly I just like my food cooked. I love Latin food, especially Mexican and Cuban. I love ice cream and plain biscuits, the kind that you serve with tea.




I like a lot of different kinds of music. The only genres I don't like are rap and country. I guess what I listen to the most though are female vocalists. Right now, I'm all about Lanie Lane.



I love my iPhone 6.



I'm bummed because I had an awesome pair of boots that I wore almost every day through winter and wore them out. They were super comfy. My dog ate my best flats so I'm in dire need of new shoes. I have some pairs of comfy Puma and Converse runners and a lot of thongs. I don't wear heels unless it's a very special occasion.


Re: What are your tastes?

Ooh also love this thread!



I enjoy stylish dress, somewhat alternative, unique, non-mainstream. Colours, tasteful, different, classy, feminine. A range of things, but I believe in having a selection of quality items rather than two wardrobes full of meh stuff. Basically, I love being a woman, love beign feminine, enjoy dressing up - makes me feel gooood and happy!!



Mmm I also love my food! Love experimenting in the kitchen, making things from scratch.



Again, I love a wide range of music and love the more non-mainstream offerings - what would li do with out my music!! Music is part of me! from bopping to the 80s/90s, now mainly into rock, folk rock, some indie, classical, world music, anything! I love live music.



iPhone 5 and a spare old fliptop phone, but have no idea what brand that is.



Same as for clothes above - I'm a girl who loves shoes but keep myself in control there Smiley Wink just end up getting a few quality and different shoes to complement my style. Have anything from Doc Martens to Merrell, Birkenstock, and other European quality shoes - so as you can gather I just have a sensible amount of shoes that i budget for.