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what do you see?

My entire trade school class was divided over this today. 

I think the dress is white and gold. What do you think? 


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Re: what do you see?

When I first saw it earlier in the day it was white and gold - but now I can only see blue and black.... very strange!

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Re: what do you see?

My trade school class has a facebook group and everyone is posting memes like this to it because we are all baffled.
//You can stay afraid, or slit the throat of fear and be brave//

Re: what do you see?

Argh this dress! LOL
I only just saw this today on facebook and was like what it's black and blue. I've read several articles on it, sounds like there is in fact two dresses, one blue and black another white and gold (which looks black to me)
I did some reading and one site was talking about how each person interprets colour differently, compensating for what time of day it is because of hte hues the sun gives off, eg in sunset and sunrise the hues are usually more red/orange, where as during the day it's more white/blue (or something like that) they also went on to test the colour of different pixels and found differences within the pixels on different spots of the image.

It is kinda funny though. Smiley Tongue


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Re: what do you see?

I've always seen the black and blue dress. Having said that, when I turned my laptop screen so that I wasn't looking straight at the screen, say at a right angle to what I'm looking at now, I saw the white and gold dress. Where the lace was white and the dress was gold.

But it makes sense to me because I spent a good 6 hours trying to get my head around how we perceive colours when I was at uni. It has to do with the way the light bounces off the image.

If we were to see this dress in real life, it would be black and blue. Smiley Happy

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Re: what do you see?


I see white and gold, how are you all seeing blue and black? Am I missing something?
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Re: what do you see?

@j95 and @ruenhonx this picture was killing me last week! everyone at work was saying white and gold, some people were telling me i'm colourblind because I see blue and black every time.


There's an explanation online if you google around! It 's really interesting!



Re: what do you see?

This popped up in my lecture today!


I see white and gold

Re: what do you see?

I can only see blue and black. Really wanna see the white/gold! Also... lol


Re: what do you see?

I'm a white and gold gal Smiley Wink