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Does anyone get anxiety about their birthdays now?

Does anyone else feel anxiety about birthdays?
My 24th is coming up in April and I'm little stressed about it. I worry with every year, I'm further into looking weird and unstable.
I've got so many weird ticks and hobbies, I only got officially diagnosed with autism spectrum (hope that's the correct term) when I was I'm still finding out about it even now.
24 is still the "young adult" range isn't it? I worry for the day I'm no longer in that range. With my issues, faults...I worry I'll get laughter my way. I understand the concepts of everyone is unique and what not. I just want to feel some assurance that I'm still in a young adult range and have plenty of life and things to explore. I worry about the days when I'm no longer in that range cause I don't know how I'll cope
Just wondering if anyone understands or has ridden this boat themselves

Re: Does anyone get anxiety about their birthdays now?

Hey @MemphisBelle, first of all, happy birthday! And definitely you are in the young adult range and have plenty of life, so don't worry Smiley Very Happy. But even you are not in this range, you still have a plenty of time to explore things.

Re: Does anyone get anxiety about their birthdays now?

Hi @MemphisBelle, a lot of people experience anxiety about birthdays for varying reasons. When I think about getting older, I think I begin to compare myself to others or to society's standards which is where the anxiety can arise from. I am wondering if this feels relevant for you?

You are still young and definitely have plenty of life and things to explore. I think that never stops no matter how old you are! There are always new things you can try or do, no matter your age. What are some things you'd like to do?

Re: Does anyone get anxiety about their birthdays now?


Birthday isn't quite here, it's not till early April but still on my mind.



I like video production and stuff of that nature hoping to go to Uni again, but my Uni was affected quite nasty by the Covid pandemic. So I'm just managing my free-time doing arts n crafts, all sorts of stuff. Drawing, cutting, pasting and a ton of stuff like that. That's really my main hobby

Re: Does anyone get anxiety about their birthdays now?

@MemphisBelle Hi, how are doing?


Happy birthday to you! 

birthdays can be stressful, as some people experience comparisons on where they are at versus where others are. That I can empathize with. To you what does a good birthday mean?


Those are awesome hobbies to have! What is it about your hobbies that you enjoy when doing them?

Re: Does anyone get anxiety about their birthdays now?

Hey @MemphisBelle I know we're 3 months early but still happy birthday! I think I can relate to not wanting to be older. When I turned 18 a couple of years ago I dreaded seeing my age change because to me it meant I could no longer get away with things, and had to be an "adult" and be responsible and know how to do adult stuff. But now I think 18 is very very young. My 30 year old friends think 28 is young. My parents think 35 is very young. And my grandpa once told me my grandma was young because she was 70 Smiley LOL


We still have lots of years to explore things, and no matter what there is always someone who thinks your age is young and you still have plenty of time. Everyone has issues and fault and people who click with you will like you for who you are. And by the way I love video production too! I'll just need another 50 years to really learn how to do it well though Smiley LOL



Re: Does anyone get anxiety about their birthdays now?

Hi @MemphisBelle!
I'm turning 24 this year too! Although I can't say I know exactly how you are feeling some of your message really resonated with me because I too, worry about when I leave the "young adult" bracket. But I think we are definitely still young adults and still have a lot of time to explore! I'm not sure if you would find this helpful but I spoke to my mum and older cousins (26-30 age range and my 30 year old cousin says he definitely still even feels a bit like a young adult) a bit about this and that sort of helped me put into perspective how theres actually so much more time and freedom to explore interests and life than i was telling myself.
Personally, i feel the concept of "Age ranges" really has changed a lot in the last couple of decades as things that were seen as "rites of passage" of certain age groups seem to be happening a lot later than our parents generation eg people going to uni before joining the workforce/ moving out of home/having children/getting married etc like the views on these things have changed a lot and are not so strict giving us a lot more freedom to work out what works for us best (in my opinion)
I hope this helps but I know what soothes my anxiety about ageing might not be universal
All the best!!!

Re: Does anyone get anxiety about their birthdays now?

Nope. I don't attach labels to age and like to think of age as an arbituary number.

Re: Does anyone get anxiety about their birthdays now?

Woah video production! I seriously have so much admiration for people who are into that. Always wanted to do it... but I never really had much of a talent for it Smiley LOL You have a lot of super cool hobbies - you have so much time to explore them and more! You have so much ahead of you 


And I totally understand the birthday stress too - I have extremely high expectations of myself so I often feel embarrassed or undeserving when others want to celebrate me (but I’m working on overcoming it) 

Re: Does anyone get anxiety about their birthdays now?

Hi @MemphisBelle !


I hope you are feeling alright, and that you start to feel more hopeful and excited for your bday, and If not, that is also okay. Not everyone needs to celebrate their bday, not everyone is into that thing and that is okay if you are more comfortable that way.


Additionally, I personally think you are also still a young adult. I'm actually also coming up on my 21st bday in April as well and I'm also feeling a bit nervous as people say 21 is when your supposed to be responsible and "all grown up". But I know that everyone has their own pace in life and that you decide what you are. Personally never going to let go of my inner kid no matter how old I get.