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I almost had a car accident as a learner driver

So on my way to work driving with my dad as a learner driver, I decided to play music with my phone since the radio wasn’t playing any music. I started a song before I started driving but when that song ended I got my dad to change it to another song, knowing that your not meant to use your phone as a driver in the car. But as I was trying to help him figure it out, I took my eyes off the road for a second and as I looked up I had almost driven into ongoing traffic on the other side of the road. Naturally my dad lost it and yelled at me saying it was his fault not keeping a look out and we sat in silence for the rest of the ride. What worried me the most about this incident was that after it, I wasn’t even shocked or scared at the fact I almost crashed and potentially got seriously hurt and put my dad in danger, I was so frustrated at myself but it was almost forced as I didn’t want to make that mistake again, and I wanted to be scared or shocked to ensure that I will never do it again. But i’m just worried as almost crashing like that didn’t effect me as much as it should have. I’m worried I’ll never be able to get my P’s and I’m worried I’ll do something stupid like that again. If learner drivers are meant to be the safest on the road how am I meant to pass my drivers test and be a driver once I get my hours up. I don’t know if any of this makes sense but I guess I’m just looking for fellow young drivers that may have done something similar.

Re: I almost had a car accident as a learner driver

@anonymousgirl101 You are learning and with each mistake you learn something, whether thats something not to or what to do. When I was a learner I had multiple incidents like yours, I did that L2P program so a volunteer sat with me for a lot of my hours, yeah.... didnt take long for one to be scared and palm me off to someone else HAHA oops
//You can stay afraid, or slit the throat of fear and be brave//

Re: I almost had a car accident as a learner driver

Thanks, that makes me feel a little better, I’m looking into driver instructors so hopefully that helps me Smiley Happy

Re: I almost had a car accident as a learner driver

Learning to drive can be such an exciting and dangerous journey @anonymousgirl101 and I think many of us would have experienced close calls when we were just starting out.


I remember taking a corner to tight coming off a freeway and nearly crashing! 


As for how you were feeling afterwards, we all react really differently so maybe don't be too hard on yourself, just try to take it as a lesson for next time you drive (eg. put the phone in the glovebox maybe?)



Re: I almost had a car accident as a learner driver

Thats a good idea, I might do that Smiley Happy

Re: I almost had a car accident as a learner driver

i also failed my test twice for stupid things i did
//You can stay afraid, or slit the throat of fear and be brave//

Re: I almost had a car accident as a learner driver

Hey @anonymousgirl101, that must have been a scary experience. @j95 is right that you are still learning and that part of this process is going to involve making mistakes. I too had a number of incidents very similar to yours, so I really know what its like. The other thing is that everyone reacts to situations differently. Your emotions following this incident are no indication of your ability to drive.


Having said all of that, I think tonight would be a great time to practise some good self-care. What strategies do you think could be useful for you tonight?

Re: I almost had a car accident as a learner driver

Hey @anonymousgirl101, driving is definitely not an easy thing to learn, and there are bound to be mistakes along the way.

I think the important thing is for you to be gentle with yourself, and accept that it's okay to make mistakes. I know that can often be easier said than done, but it sounds as though you really want to be the best driver you can.

I failed my test several times because I was so anxious, but I eventually passed, and I can drive with no worries now.


How are you feeling about driving/the test at the moment? 

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Re: I almost had a car accident as a learner driver

Hiya @anonymousgirl101. This is pretty embarrassing, but I wrote my car off the SAME DAY I got my P's. I was looking at my gear stick trying to turn right at the lights and just plowed straight into a guy coming straight in the opposite direction. I was devastated that I wrecked my car and it took a really long time to get my confidence back up on the road. However, I personally learn the best through mistakes, and you can bet I was the safest right-hand turner in the world after that! I reckon you'll be the same now with not checking your phone or messing with the music. 

Re: I almost had a car accident as a learner driver

@anonymousgirl101on the plus side you didn't have an accident which is great! You will get your P's eventually but you're still a learner driver which means you are learning how to drive Smiley Happy

Maybe you could go in the car next time with your mum or an older person you trust just to give you and your dad a break?

Also you would be surprised with what fully licensed drivers get away with doing. I swear no one in my state knows how to merge and it sucks! Also I've seen people on their phones on the freeway just after peak hour (so the roads were still busy) swerving all over the place. I've also had someone reverse into me in a parking lot just before a job interview thankfully the hood was only a bit dented but I really didn't that before a job interview (I vaguely remember taking down their details including a photo of their drivers license and passing it to my dad the moment I walked in the door and he sorted it out). 

I try not to touch my phone at all when I'm driving, I keep it in my bag (it normally ends up in the bottom of it anyway) on the floor of the front passenger side so I can't reach it. If I am using the GPS I have a special holder that clips onto the aircon vent Smiley Happy also if you have your phone on your lap that counts as using it too.

I failed my drivers test 4 times and it was not a fun experience! First time I had a cold so I couldn't really breathe through my nose, second time it was Christmas eve and I ran through a stop sign (there were cars everywhere!), third time I had a panic attack on the roads and fourth time I couldn't reverse park (and I haven't since the test!).

You will eventually get there and at least now you know why you shouldn't touch your phone when you're driving Smiley Happy

Whatever it takes I know I can make it through!